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10 Dangerous Brain-Damaging Habits To Stop Immediately

The importance of your brain cannot be overemphasised. It is one of the largest and most important organ in your body as it acts as the headquarters for all your other bodily functions and daily activities.

Its functions are inexhaustible and it is constantly sending information back and forth in your body.

With all this in mind it is also important to note that this organ is also fragile and delicate.

It requires that we treat it with care and even the World Health Organization (WHO) has stared that there are 10 habits that we adopt today which can greatly affect the health of our brain and we should stop immediately.

Here are those habits in more detail:

1.Eating Too Much

When you eat too much you can harden your brain arteries and this can lead to a drop in your mental power and cognitive abilities.

2.Not Eating Breakfast

It is not a fable that breakfast is considered the most important meal in a day, it is a fact! This is because when we sleep for long hours at night our blood sugar drops and we need to replenish it by eating in the morning in order to also provide our brain with much needed nutrients.

3.Consuming Too Much Sugar

When you consume too much sugar as contained in processed and refined foods you will inhibit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and proteins and in effect starve your brain of its necessary supply.

4.Cigarette Smoking

This can lead to brain shrinkage and it has also been linked with Alzheimer’s disease as well.

5.Avoid Air Pollution

Your brain needs fresh oxygen for it to function properly so it is important to avoid polluted areas as much as possible. It may be hard but you will have to find a way of getting fresh air as often as possible.

6.Covering Your Head Whilst You Sleep

Your brain requires a steady supply of oxygen to function properly, so when you cover your head while you sleep you will be depriving your brain this fresh oxygen supply and causing more harm than good.

7.Depriving Yourself Of Sleep

You can cause your brain cells to do if you deprive yourself of sleep for long periods of time. When you sleep you give your brain time to rest and recuperate.

8.Engaging In Extensive Brain Work Especially When Sick

When you are ill you need lots of rest, for your body and brain. So you should not work your brain with brain tasking activities as you are putting pressure on it and this can be highly detrimental to its overall health.

9.Not Talking Enough

You need to engage in intellectual discussions as this will help to stretch out and strengthen your brain cells.

It will also improve your focus, concentration and ability for task and aptitude solving.

10.When You Do Not Put Your Brain Through Necessary Stimulating Thought Processes

Your brain gets smaller and smaller when we do not challenge it and out it to good use by engaging it in new stimulating thought processes. When you think you give your brain the chance to establish new pathways as the neuroplasticity of your brain makes sure that you evolve especially when you come up with thought provoking ideas. When you do not work your brain it ultimately shrinks due to your lack of effort.

You should avoid these ten threats to the proper functioning of your brain and thereby promote your brain health and ultimately the health of your entire being.



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