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The 10 Mega-Companies That Control Almost Everything We Eat & Drink (Graphic)

In today’s increasingly corporate world, we all have certain brand allegiances. They (sad but true) make us who we are in today’s America. But it might surprise you that the majority of items in American supermarkets are owned by about 10 companies.

The array of choices in the aisles of your local grocery store is certainly astonishing…but even more astonishing is that the vast majority of that food comes from just ten corporations.

We’re not just messing with you. As you can see from Oxfam International’s infographic, the vasty majority of what we purchase at the grocery store comes from just ten main corporations.

“What we did is we took certain issues … [and] we saw the kind of impacts they had on the ground,” Chris Jochnick of Oxfam told NPR.

“We released reports about those issues and those impacts and how they’re tied to the 10 largest food and beverage companies. And then we pushed the companies to begin to address them.”

Looking more closely at the graphic shows how much of the market these ten companies control. For instance, Pepsi makes Quaker products, while Nestle controls California Pizza Kitchen.

“These corporations are so powerful that their policies can have a major impact on the diets and working conditions of people worldwide, as well as on the environment,” noted Alexander E.M. Hess in USA Today.

And it isn’t just junk food. As many larger organic and/or natural brands get bought it, they’ve become part of the conglomerates as well.

Naked Juice? Now owned by Pepsi, and the same is true of many other big natural and organic brands.

Here’s the infographic below  according to a graphic made by the British charity Oxfam :

  • Coca Cola
  • PepsiCo
  • Nestlé
  • Mondelez
  • Think Kellogg’s
  • Danone
  • Unilever
  • Mars
  • General Mills
  • Associated British Foods

As Business Insider reported:

“…the Big 10 emitted 263.7 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 and if the companies were a nation, it would be the 25th most polluting country in the world.”

Yikes. As a result, one of the best thing we can do is inform ourselves, and try not to support any of the brands owned by the big ten – at least not until we see their environmental policies changing.

We vote with our shopping habits, after all.

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