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10 Personal Items You Should Never Lend Or Your Health And Hygiene Will Be In Serious Danger!

Although it seems a harmless gesture, the sharing of the towel with other people can result in the spread of different infections caused by moisture,so hygiene up!

Many people have no problem sharing their personal hygiene products with friends, family or people with whom they have great confidence.

This, at first glance, does not seem to have more importance, but the truth is that it could become the route of transmission of various types of infections and diseases.

There are those who, at this point, still do not know what those objects are and why they are said to be for personal use. For this reason, below we will list those elements that should never be given even if it seems an emergency.

1. Bar soap

Although some are antibacterial, after each use they are usually covered with part of the microorganisms that clean the skin, which may be harmless or potential causes of diseases.

The disadvantage is greater if the product is stored in a humid place, since it creates the ideal environment for the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

2. Towel

Towels to dry the body are one of those elements that by no means should be shared with anyone.

Being wet much of the time they become a crop for germs, especially if kept in the bathroom.

When they are not washed on a regular basis they can become a focus of fungal infections on the skin, acne and conjunctivitis.

3. Deodorant

This can be shared if it is in spray or a cream that involves drawing it in small amounts to be applied with the fingers.

If it is the popular roll-on deodorant, it is better to avoid using several because it can be the means of transmitting bacteria and bad odor of the armpits.

4. Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are very inexpensive and there will never be any excuse to share it with your partner or other family member.

This element houses in its bristles many of the oral bacteria that it cleans of the mouth and for this it must be of personal use.

In addition, you should seek to disinfect and change regularly as, although many of its bacteria are harmless, they can sometimes cause flu, cold or other common infections.

5. Tweezers

Hair clippers are a feminine beauty tool that is increasingly used to stylize the eyebrows or remove unwanted hair from various areas of the body.

Although sharing them is not dangerous if kept clean and disinfected, it is not recommended to do so because in some cases they can become the means of transmitting bacteria, viruses and some bloodborne diseases.

6. Lip balm or lip products

Lip balm and other lip aesthetic products are for the exclusive use of each woman. Having direct contact with the skin makes it easily contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms.

For example, sharing such items greatly increases the risk of cold sores due to the ease of transmission of the herpes simplex virus.

7. Shaver

Shavers destroy dead cells along with unwanted hair and some bacteria that can be harmful.

The sharing is quite dangerous because, in the event of a cut, they can lead to blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis or HIV.

8. Hats or Caps

Both hats and caps often absorb the moisture that is produced with the sweating of the head.

This environment is perfect for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, which can later cause dandruff or alterations in the scalp.

9. Earrings

Earrings have become one of the inevitable accessories in feminine beauty. What many do not know is that they must disinfect them regularly, as they can lead to infections from the accumulation of bacteria.

Precisely because of this, it is best to avoid sharing them with friends. If there is no other, apply some disinfectant before using them.

10. Makeup

It is very common to see that friends or family lend makeup products , such as compact powder, eye pencil and lipsticks.

Although it seems a harmless and irrelevant habit, the fact is that making contact from skin to skin makes it an ideal medium for the transmission of bacteria, fungi and diseases.

Do you share any of these products? If so, consider not doing it from now on. Although it seems a bit selfish, it is better to say no in time and not have to suffer any of the consequences.

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