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10 Signs That Indicate Silent Stroke And That Another One Will Follow!

Stroke occurs when the supply of blood to a brain area is hindered. It is a life-threatening and serious condition.

That is why it is very important to recognize the symptoms. If the blood supply isn’t restored quickly (via medical treatment or on its own), the effects may be permanent. Stroke may affect people of all ages. In the following we will present you the common symptoms linked to stroke and learning them will help you seek for medical help on time.

Inability to catch breath

A sudden loss of breath is an often sign of having stroke. If you experience difficulty in breathing, it may be an early stroke symptom.

Loss of vision

If you notice that you have blurry vision or start to lose the vision, it may be a symptom of having a stroke.

Pain in the face

Rarely, the stroke can cause sudden pain stabs in the one side of the face or in the extremities.

Loss of balance

Loss of balance is another symptom of having a stroke. You may experience sluggishness and weakness in the lower and upper limbs.

Sudden headache

An unbearable and sudden headache is a warning sign that you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Trouble speaking

Other signs of stroke are inability to speak, feeling delirious and tiny confusions.


Sudden and unexpected fatigue is usual sign before having a stroke.

Facial paralysis

When the one side of the face gets paralyzed is another sign of stroke.

Migraine and headaches

The women are more prone to headache experience before a stroke and it is a sharp headache.


This is another symptom that is more common in women. The strokes attack the brain’s breathing center and cause hiccups.

You should remember the FAST abbreviation in order to remember the signs of stroke in case of emergency.

F- face-drooping; A- arm weakness; S- speech difficulty; T- time to call 911

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