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10 tips to become a healthier, happier you

A healthy lifestyle involves much more than just exercise and a healthy diet.

If you really want to take care of how healthy you live, think about what medications you take, how often you drink alcohol, whether you eat everything your body needs, but also whether you are doing something that fulfills you and if you obtain a peaceful mind. It is important to keep in mind what your body feels. Check out at least some of the tips and in a few days you will feel much better.

Rejoice little things

Every time you discover something new, whether it’s a new piece of clothing, a book that seems interesting to you, going to the supermarket, or simply finding a new recipe … you should be happy as a little kid about that. The point is not only being  beautiful and positive outside, but also have a bright and unique spirit.

Grain by grain

If you want something to change, you have to start from small things. As for the diet, choose two days a week for the challenges and activities that you like and which are your priorities and take the 25 minutes per day for them. Write down why you care, and specify the time when will you take care about the certain subject. But then try to resolve your concerns in peace and calm. No need to rush because you can only do wrong when n a hurry.

Eat food in its natural form

Food in its natural form is full of nutrients. Cooking actually changes the chemical composition of food, affecting the level of nutrients. Steaming and baking are the best methods of food preparation, because they preserve the natural nutrients better.

Develop healthy habits

If you want to live a long, healthy life, try to develop healthy habits and avoid unhealthy ones. The most important thing is to avoid smoking, which is known to contribute to various heart and lung diseases and shortens life expectancy. Alcohol is one of the culprits of an unhealthy lifestyle. Drink moderately in order to save from adverse health conditions.


Most disorders related to lifestyle, including heart disease, diabetes and other, stem from a lazy lifestyle. Many of us do not have time to go to the gym, but you can include a variety of physical activities at the time of idling to stay lean and healthy. Insert activities such as tennis or swimming in the weekly routine, or simply take a walk to the park with children or pets.

Gain a good friend you can trust

Negative relationships with people contribute to stress, which affects overall health. The secret of a healthy and happy life is to believe to the people who are helping us to get rid of stress, and a feeling of love contributes to the production of chemical components of dopamine and oxytocin, which elevates mood and fight against aging.

Live life to the end

Develop a positive attitude about finding little joy in life. It helps strengthening the immune system and preparing the body to fight diseases. Set realistic goals, because goals give our lives meaning. Many people who have lived a long and happy life, they felt that they had a purpose. It does not have to be money or career. Dedicate yourself to family, friends or a person you like.

Time for silence

Every day, take the 10 minutes for yourself to sit in silence. In this way, cells are resting, and helping in effective thinking time.

Drink enough

A water take toxins from vital organs, bringing nutrients to the cells, moisturizes the skin, maintains the normal body temperature as well as the pressure. The point is to give the body what it needs, otherwise it will suffer.

It is good to have a hobby

Find yourself a hobby, something that interests you, and thus create yourself a great mindset. It will help, especially in stressful situations.

Theresa Brawner is a 28-year-old fitness instructor from Boston, MA, who writes articles for in her free time. When she isn’t helping new moms get back in shape, you can find her in the kitchen, working on new recipes.

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