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12 Ways That Our Bodies Tell Us We Are Too Stressed!

There are many studies confirming that people who experience anxiety and stress had tense and constricted muscles, which resulted in cramps and fatigue over time. It is a fact that stress symptoms are triggered by unresolved emotional issues.

Dr. Susanne Babbel stated for Psychology Today that according to studies, even though chronic pain can be triggered by physical injury, but it can be also caused by emotional problems and stress. Continue reading to find out if you are over-stressed according to the theory of Dr. Babbel.

If you are over-stressed you may experience pain in the following body parts:

12 Body Parts that are Pained by Stress


Of course, you can experience headaches because of worrying about something. But, you should try to relax without thinking about the problems in order to relive your stress-induced headache.


Making tough decisions can be destructive for your shoulders, regardless of whether someone is forcing you to decide, or you are naturally a indecisive person. In such a case, talk to the others and ask for a help in order to find out the best solution for your problem.


You probably didn’t know that resentment can have destructive and harmful effects on your neck health. So, you should forget all negative things and try to forgive the other person, relax, and do things you really enjoy.


Joint pain can be induced by the fear of newness since most people naturally resist great changes. But, life is not always as complicated as we think. Let yourself meet new people and just do not be afraid of newness. Maybe life has an amazing surprise for you.

Lower Back

Believe it or not, the pain in lower back can be triggered by money obsession and fear of loss. Worrying about money can have negative consequences on your health as well as relationship with your family. Hence, bear in mind that money are not the most important thing and you cannot buy happiness with them.

Upper Back

Fearing love or feeling unappreciated can result in upper back pain. However, you can solve the problem by communicating to the person you think does not love or appreciate you. Also, try to be friendly and positive.


Also, those who are afraid of new events and certain changes may experience hip pain. Unfortunately, there are a great number of people who lead a monotonous life and they actually feel comfortable in their predictable lifestyle.

But, if you don’t make certain chances, you will be bored with it at some point in your life.

Try something new and let yourself be a happier person.


Those who are introvert could experience hand pain as a result of companionship absence. In such a case, try to become an extrovert and don’t be afraid of going out and becoming friend with a lot of people.


Knee pain may be an indicator of an inflated ego. Don’t be a comparative person and remember that no one revolved around you.


If someone feels inferior, he/she can express the feelings in a wrong manner and become a jealous person. Furthermore, jealous people may experience pain in their calves. Even if your relationship is tense, try to learn how to trust your partner or friends.


Pessimism and the feeling the we cannot succeed in anything can lead to feet pain. Don’t be afraid of taking risks and remember that it is a necessary step in order to become successful.


Busy lifestyle can make us forget to take proper care of ourselves. So, the first thing you should do is make a list of all your wishes and make your dreams come true.

Consider decreasing your stress to completely heal you body

Don’t ignore these body signs and take time for yourself. For instance, take a rest, relax and exercise. Yoga, mediation, walking in the countryside may help you a lot to reduce your stress and pain.

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