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13 Easy Ways To Burn Fat All Day (And 12 Don’t Include Exercise)

We all know at least one person who has a perfect metabolism.

Not matter how little they exercise or how much they consume food, they maintain slim waist and seem so energized. We can’t change our genes, so we have to live with that. But in the following we will present you some advices that can help you enhance the metabolism and burn more fat.

Eat frequently

You should not skin meals to avoid any additional calories but consume food more frequently. Having meals and 2 snacks per day will allow the metabolism to work correctly during the day. If you starve, you will slow down the metabolism.

Eat clean

A diet should be consisted of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins. The processed foods are hard to digest and that causes slower metabolism.

Eat 1st thing in the morning

When we sleep, the metabolism slows down. Not-being active and skipping meals decelerate the metabolism, as well. Eating breakfast reminds the metabolism that we are up and that it should be ready for action.

Vitamin D

The sunlight is beneficial for the health and enhances the metabolism. Increased levels of vitamin D are related to healthy levels of metabolism. The best way to get the vitamin D dose is the sun.

Get periodic exercise

Regular activity keeps the metabolism at max efficiency. It does not mean that you should go to the gym every day, but having a short walk or taking the stairs will be enough.

Make sure the snacks have protein

Proteins are great food for the metabolism. Avoid snacks loaded with carbohydrate as they make you hungrier because they are easy to digest. Use protein based snacks and the difference will be noticeable.

Frequent, short workouts

If you think that spending more time at the gym is enough to get the wanted results, you’re wrong. Short HIIT exercises are great for the metabolism and for the fat burning process. Get a workout in the morning to accelerate the metabolism.


Calcium intake on a daily basis is useful for the metabolism. Calcium is very important for the Vitamin D processing.

Consume food like a European

This means that you should have big breakfasts, medium-sized lunch and really small dinner. This will not slow down the metabolism.

Epsom salt bath

This bath in the evening eliminates the toxins and enhances the metabolism. Just add 1 cup of Epsom salt in the bath and enjoy.

Cold shower

Cold shower in the morning will enhance and trigger the metabolism.

Stay hydrated

Water is essential for our health. We should always be hydrated in order to have proper metabolism.

Get enough sleep

Improper sleep will reflect on the metabolism. 7 to 9 hours of sleep during the night are enough for the proper function of the metabolism.

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