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15 Secrets That All Women Keep From Their Men

Everyone has secrets, right? Did you know that there are at least 15 of them that women keep from men? Wives from husbands, girlfriends from boyfriends, there are just some things that seem better left unsaid.

While a woman may tell you a little white lie to save you from getting your feelings hurt (“My ex was terrible in bed”), there are other things that she will keep from you for other reasons. Perhaps she doesn’t want to discuss a given topic or she doesn’t want to argue with you.

For whatever reason, there are some pretty universal things that most if not all women keep from their significant others. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Money

Most women won’t actually tell you how much money they spent when they went to the mall. They may also show you some of the items that they purchased and make sure to throw in there that said items were “on sale.” Some new items will be hidden, perhaps in their cars, until you aren’t around to see what’s being brought into the house.

This dirty little secret can go even further for many women. Some have their own “secret” bank accounts or credit cards that their men know nothing about.

2. S*ex

Believe it or not, women think about s*ex just as often as you do — if not more. When you get home after a long day at the office and we say we’re “too tired” to make love, we’re not lying. The secret is that we thought about it all day and would have loved it if you stopped in for lunch.

3. S*exual History

If you’ve ever asked a woman how many s*exual partners she’s had, she has probably lied to you. Some women will tell you that they’ve had more partners than they’ve actually had while others will tell you that their number is much lower than it is. To be fair, men often take part in this dirty little secret as well.

4. Women Like It When You’re Jealous

A woman may play it off like your jealous tendencies are annoying or ridiculous, but the truth of the matter is that we like when our guys are a little territorial. Of course, we don’t want you to overdo it, but we like to feel wanted and we may dial up the flirt a little bit to make sure you’re on your toes.

5. She Tells Her Friends E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Contrary to popular belief, your secrets probably aren’t safe with your woman. By nature, women like to talk and are easily the over-sharers of the human race. No matter what it is, no matter how embarrassing or personal, chances are really good that she has told at least one of her friends.

6. She Wants Your Guy Friends To Like Her — Like That.

t’s far less a fantasy than it is a desire thing. Just about every woman wants to feel attractive, s*exy, and desirable. That said, most women want their guy’s friends to want them. That doesn’t mean that we’d ever do anything about it, but it’s just a little secret of ours that we’d never admit to you.

7. She Has Compared You To Her Ex. Regularly

A woman in a serious relationship simply can’t help herself from comparing you to her ex. She will make a mental list of similarities and differences and will categorize these things to evaluate your relationship. This could mean that she misses her ex or it could mean that she’s looking for something particular in a life partner. Either way, it happens.

8. Women Like Catcalls

Construction workers whistling at us as we walk by? We aren’t bothered even a little bit. We like getting hit on and sometimes we like telling you about it (see #4 for further clarification).

9. Money Talk Turns Women Off

While it’s great to have a guy who has his finances in order, we don’t want to hear about how much green stuff you’ve got. We’d much rather know that you work hard and that you’re ambitious than hear you tell people you’re a season ticket holder or that you take lavish vacations twice a year. This is a great area where “show don’t tell” works nicely.

10. Masturbation

Your wife/girlfriend/life partner masturbates. Sometimes she waits until you leave, sometimes she doesn’t care.

11. Women Will Date Only For S*ex

If you think that’s a man’s game, you’re wrong. A woman in the right mindset can and will date a guy just because he’s good in bed. You can be a total idiot, but if the s*ex is good? We’ll keep you around.

12. Women Fantasize During S*ex

Many times during s*ex, a woman is thinking of something other than you. Many will replay porn (because yes, they watch) scenes or will picture you doing something really dirty because it’s a complete turn on. Most women would never actually tell you this, though.

13. If A Woman Kisses A Guy When She’s Drunk, She Doesn’t See It As Cheating

But YOU better not ever kiss any other woman ever. Got it?

14. Women Like To Feel Independent

Women like to be taken care of, but many also like to feel like they can take care of themselves, too. On another note, we may complain about you having a night out with the guys, but secretly, we can’t wait to crack open a bottle of wine and watch Housewives. Just don’t have too much fun without us.

15. Girls’ Nights Aren’t Always Innocent

We may plan to go out for a night on the town with the girls, but sometimes (okay, more often than not), we do things that you wouldn’t approve of. We flirt with bartenders, we sneak a cigarette, we may even grind with a stranger at a club. We also tend to drink a bit more than a glass of wine.

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