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15 Things All Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently from Other Types of Women

Well-behaved women seldom make history,” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich once said.

While this phrase can be interpreted in many ways, it is initially meant to celebrate strong women who make the world a better place by being stronger, braver, and more creative compared to others. Read on to learn how great alpha-women actually are!

1. They make maximizing enjoyment in life a top priority

No matter if they are single, engaged, or married; alpha-women will keep up shaping the situation to their own liking. They are open to new ideas, new trips, new courses, and new opportunities.

2. They’re open and assertive

They are open and self-confident, always ready to introduce themselves or ask for thing they think they deserve. Simply put, they rarely hesitate about things and never approach indirectly.

3. They’re confident in their character

They are extremely self-confident and value themselves despite their imperfections. Anyways, no one is perfect.

4. They’re happy single but open to a relationship which will make them even happier

While they have plenty of people, interests, and hobbies in their lives, they are more than willing to cut certain things out to make space for new people and things which will make them happier.

5. They learn from the past but don’t dwell on it

While they learn from the past and past mistakes, they don’t dwell on it. What they do is focusing on the ways in which they can change their lives to the better.

6. They set and maintain boundaries

They don’t let others violate their beliefs, body, or space.

7. They’re not afraid to walk away in some situations

When a family relationship or a romantic relationship doesn’t go well, alpha-women are well aware of the pros and cons, and once it becomes clear that it is not worth it, they leave and move on.

8. They demand physical relationships

Calling, texting, or video massaging is simply not enough! They know what they deserve and will demand it from their partners.

9. They’re opportunistic

They are fully aware of the fact that putting out in the real world is essential to finding the better opportunities, so online networking doesn’t do the trick for them.

10. They aren’t overly dramatic

They are truly genuine though…

11. They aren’t celebrity worshippers.

They worship life and the real world surrounding them.

12. They’re always themselves

They are considerate and understanding of others and they always choose what is best for themselves, their family members, and their friends.

13. They “just do it.”

These women don’t have plenty of regrets, simply because when they are hesitant about doing something, they end up doing it more frequently.

14. They won’t be victimized

They never dwell on the past or re-live negative past events. Combined with their self-control and control over their emotions and actions, it`s no wonder that they won`t be victimized.

15. They realize their bodies and their minds are investments

They are fully aware of the fact that their bodies and minds are investments, so they never stop learning more in order to be more successful, smarter, and happier.

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