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15 Wonderful Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Health

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are diverse, in fact, it is one of the home remedies preferred worldwide for that reason, in addition to cooking, there are several ways you can use it for your health.

The many benefits of apple cider vinegar are sufficient reasons why this homemade remedy has become the preferred worldwide, is safe, natural and extremely easy to use , so if you are only used for salads, You are missing out on the rest of your profits.

15 ways you can enjoy the benefits of apple cider vinegar

1. Decrease Asthma : apple cider vinegar has no side effects to breathing, therefore, it can help you treat acid reflux from gastroesophageal disease ( GERD ), considered as one of the main culprits behind the attacks of Asthma causes the airways to narrow. After a study it was demonstrated that acid from apple cider vinegar makes it possible for asthmatics not to be affected by the acid reflux of GERD , to amplify the respiratory tract and thus to reduce asthma.

2. Treat Eczema: Among the benefits of apple cider vinegar are its antifungal and antibacterial properties, which are able to decrease the signs of eczema , one way is to mix 1 teaspoon of it in 1 cup of water and apply it on the skin With some cotton pad, in case you experience tingling sensation on the skin, dilute the cotton with more water. Another trick is to pour the mixture into a spray bottle, spray it on the skin while you are in the shower and rinse it for 1 minute. It can also be taken internally by mixing 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with honey and water.

3. Reduce fatigue: Amino acids and potassium make you feel pumped but by mixing 1 cup of warm water with apple cider vinegar and 1 drop of honey, it will make you relax and wake up much fresher in the mornings.

4. For hypo: Hiccup is extremely uncomfortable, there are people who even scares them but with apple cider vinegar you can tear it off , all you have to do is measure 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and take it Directly, then wash it with a little water, the same acidity of the oil will stop the hiccup.

5. Control arthritis: several people suffer from arthritis and have found among the benefits of apple vinegar great relief for their ailments, as it allows them to decrease not only the pain but also strengthen the joints. Adding 1 tablespoon of it and mixing it with 9oz of honey and water is enough to treat arthritis.

6. It lowers blood sugar levels: it is excellent for diabetics, when ingested during the night the blood glucose levels are decreasing in the morning , it can also be taken before each meal, especially those high in carbohydrates , Since it makes it possible for the sugar to reduce after eating.

7. Insomnia: If you are one of those who have trouble sleeping at night and constantly struggle to fall asleep, take 1 cup of warm water and mix with apple cider vinegar, this will calm your nerves and make you feel sleepy immediately .

8. Solve diarrhea: solve diarrhea because it eliminates harmful bacteria, detoxifies your system and also apple cider vinegar contains compounds able to soften the digestive tract. Take a sip of it with water.

9. Prevents acidity: apple cider vinegar is able to improve acid reflux and therefore prevent heartburn. It helps the pH value of the stomach stay, which prevents you from suffering from reflux. Mix 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water.

10. Sore throat: thanks to the antimicrobial properties it contains, it is impossible for germs to swell the throat , just what your throat in those moments needs, just to gargle a mixture of it with warm water, you Throat will lighten and clear.

11. Normalize the pH of your skin: you can make a facial tonic, the properties of this vinegar make you recover the pH of the skin , rinsing it and reducing the size of the pores. Use 1 part of the vinegar in 2 parts of water and create a mixture, to apply it on your skin, look for a cotton, after that you can use a moisturizer and you will see your skin radiant.

12. Eliminate bad breath: it eliminates the accumulation of germs and bacteria in the mouth, if you do a wash mixing the vinegar with water, always taking into account that it must be well diluted because being an acid can damage your teeth.

13. Whiten your teeth: try to gargle every morning with this vinegar and warm water, this will remove the stains and accumulation of the plaque , again take into account that it is well diluted not to damage your teeth or erode the enamel of they.

14. Prevents hair loss: Hair loss is due to various reasons, including lack of adequate food, imbalances in pH and lack of oils. Apple cider vinegar can stimulate the scalp, it is able to recover the pH balance of the scalp and get rid of the accumulation of bacteria , by rinsing it with it and water, will result, strengthening your roots and reducing the fall of the hair.

15. Relieve dandruff: this is one of the most famous and common uses of this vinegar as it helps maintain the pH level of the scalp, which does not make dandruff thrive. For this purpose you must mix the vinegar with water and pour it in a spray bottle, before bathing, spray the mixture in your hair and massage gently, then cover the hair with a warm towel and rinse it after 1 hour.

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