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5 Natural Home Remedies For Ganglion Cysts!

A ganglion cyst represents a relatively small, encircling lumps or bags packed with a thick and sticky fluid. They can usually be found in a tendon or joint. These cysts come in different sizes – from very small to one inch in diameter. The tendons and joints located in the wrists, fingers, soles of the feet and the ankles are the places where ganglion cysts appear most frequently.

Ganglion Cysts Symptoms

When it comes to the symptoms, ganglion cysts sufferers usually experience discomfort, pain accompanied by tingling and burning sensation, muscle cramps and weakness and numbness in the affected area. Ganglion cysts can be soft or firm and this depends on the size they have.

Even though the main cause for the appearance of these cysts is still unknown, experts suggest that injuries and tendon irritation can definitely contribute to the occurrence of these unpleasant cysts.

It turns out that individuals between 15 and 40 are more prone to these cysts and this is especially true for women (gymnasts in particular) who provide constant stress to their wrists. Individuals dealing with osteoarthritis and individuals who have experienced tendon or joint trauma are more prone to experience this issue.

People should be aware that certain ganglion cysts can be treated with regular pharmaceutical drugs and home remedies, but there are situations in which surgical removal is the only logical and permanent solution.
Natural Remedies for Ganglion Cysts

Before you opt for surgical removal, it is the best idea to try some natural remedies. This is a short list of five natural homemade remedies for getting rid of ganglion cysts.

1. Black Tea Bags
Black tea provides strong acidic effects and supports the curing of ganglion cysts. In addition, it stops their growth and worsening. This tea is also a powerful anti-inflammatory remedy which means it has the ability to ease the swelling and pain. In order to use black tea, you must first soak a black tea bag in boiled water for about five minutes.
After that, you must remove the bag and squeeze it well. Next, keep the moistened and warm black tea bag directly on the problematic area for ten minutes. Perform this procedure 3-4 times a day for at least three days.

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