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7 Signs You Have a Crazy Strong Personality but Are Actually Pretty Sensitive

Being strong and sensitive at the same time is tough.

Your friends and people around you would describe you as pretty fearless and badass – but only your true friends know just how sensitive you really are.  So what are some of the signs of being badass but also pretty damn sensitive?

1. You get overwhelmed sometimes.

Yeah, sometimes the world is an overwhelming place. But you don’t let it kill you. That’s the strength. You feel your feelings, sure, but at the end if the day, you’re a badass who doesn’t give up.

2. You call people out.

But only when they deserve it. You’re in touch with your feelings, and you know when someone deserves a calling out. You’re sensitive, so you have an acute awareness of details.

3. You’re a selective dater.

You don’t go out with just any meathead from Tinder. You don’t do small talk on the first date. You want real human interactions. It makes finding a date a little bit harder and getting a call back from a date more difficult still, but it’s worth it for you.

4. You’re not a complainer, you just don’t put up with bullshit.

Being a badass means standing up for yourself. Being sensitive means knowing when you have to stand up for yourself. If you’re complaining, it’s not because you’re annoying. It’s because the world is too full of idiots.

5. You’re a good listener.

You know, being sensitive, how nice it is to be listened to. So in that sense, you know the importance of being a good listener too. For you, it’s easy to shut up, tune everything else out, and lend an ear to a friend.

6. You don’t need to be the center of attention.

You might often find yourself being the center of attention, but you never purposely put yourself there. People are naturally drawn to you, but you’re always more worried about them then yourself. You hate it when people show off, you just don’t understand that need for attention.

7. Sometimes you get quiet.

You’re pretty badass at your core, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get quiet. You sometimes get overwhelmed by people if you don’t know them and/or don’t vibe with them, which consequently makes you withdraw into yourself and become reflective.

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