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Why You Should Always Keep Baby Powder at Home. Here Are 11 Surprising Uses

As the name itself suggest, baby powder is primarily used on babies to prevent diaper rash or as a deodorant. However, it turns out that this powder is not for babies only!

This versatile and sweet smelling powder has countless uses that you have probably never even considered.

From repelling ants to removing grease stains, baby powder is a do-all powerhouse of a product that can be of great use around the house. It is both versatile and cheap, so you can use it as an alternative to various costlier products and get everything around the house done!

1. Dry Shampoo

Baby powder is ideal for use as a dry shampoo. Sprinkle some of it on your comb and run it through the hair. This simple trick will help you get rid of the grease and make your hair look washed. Alternatively, you can mix ¼ cup of baby powder and ¼ cup baking soda, and massage the DIY shampoo into the hair. This works great for blondes, but brunettes might need to add a pinch of cocoa powder to the powder prior combing it through.

2. Deodorant

Swap your regular deodorant with baby powder. This versatile powder absorbs sweat and even prevents stink, which makes it ideal alternative to regular deodorants. You can use it to eliminate bad odor from the shoes, too. Fill them with baby powder and let them overnight.

3. Ant Repellent

Baby powder works as an effective repellent for ants and other pests. All you have to do is to sprinkle some of it around the windows and all cracks on the floor. The ants cannot pass this barrier, so you can be sure that these nasty creatures will not get through. This works great for picnics as you certainly don’t want to use chemicals around the food.

4. Jewelry De-tangler

Untangling jewelry can be extremely frustrating! The good news is that sprinkling some baby powder on the knot can help you deal with it, as it helps loosen and untangle the knot easier.

5. Sand Remover

To prevent sand from coming with you after your day at the beach, sprinkle baby powder on the feet and other sandy areas. When your brush off again, the sand will easily fall off along with the powder.

6. Summer Sheets Coolant

To keep the sheets cool during the night, sprinkle the sheets with baby powder. This simple trick absorbs sweat as well, meaning that you will no longer wake up drenched.

7. Playing Card Freshener

Sprinkling baby powder to playing cards is an old trick which makes them easier to handle and prevents them from sticking together. Put them in a plastic Ziploc bag along with baby powder, seal the bag, and shake it to distribute the powder. Not only this makes shuffling and dealing easier, but leaves them smelling great, too.

8. Rubber Glove Lubricant

If you are planning on using rubber gloves for tasks like cleaning, you can make putting them on easier by applying baby powder prior putting them on. The powder eliminates excess moisture which makes the gloves difficult to get on and off. Luckily, using baby powder helps slip your fingers easily without all the pulling and tearing.

9. Flower Protectant

Interestingly, sprinkling baby powder onto the roots and bulbs prior planting them prevents the flowers from rotting. This trick works as a natural pesticide, too.

10. Grease Stain Remover

Sprinkling baby powder onto the greased area is one of the most effective ways to remove the stains. Dab it with a cotton ball and continue dabbing until the stain goes away.

11. Pre-Waxing Treatment

Applying babies powder prior applying the wax makes the process much easier and less painful. It absorbs moisture, allowing the wax to work better. This trick also protects the skin and makes it less painful and red.

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