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If This Appears On Your Wrist, Stop Losing Time And Call Your Doctor Immediately! The Reasons Are Terrifying!

We make a huge mistake when we don’t pay close attention to all those inflammations, allergies, burns and broken bones since our wrists are extremely important for us. Moreover, they are also prone to cysts, abnormal growths and tumor which if not treated on time, can be fatal.

When people have a swollen wrist, they usually ascribe it to arthritis, fractures, strains, bursitis and tiredness. Unfortunately, in some cases, the reason for the swelling can be a benign or even a malignant growth which requires an immediate doctor attention.


Tenosynovitis inflammation

This condition is usually caused due to stress, trauma or an injury that happened while performing a physical job. It usually affects the short thumb extensor and the abductor muscles that lead to ligament and synovium damage.

De Quervain syndrome

Even though a rare, it still extremely dangerous disease which makes our wrists sore and swollen and indicated the presence of nodules and cysts. The thumb’s extensor ligament is the most affected area. This part helps people to move their thumbs in and out, but if affected, it will decrease in size and duffer terrible pain whenever you try to move it.


They appear as bumps in the wrist area which are usually caused by a degeneration of your connectivity tissues such as tendons and ligaments. In fact, they represent synovial cysts which are caused by an injury or a trauma,  and grow up approximately 2.5 centimeters.

Nodular tenosynovitis

This is commonly known as hand tumor which appears in the thumb, wrist, medium or index finger. It doesn’t cause any pain and you won’t know it is there until you do a detailed examination.


These are benign tumors which appear on the wrist and the palm and they cause severe pain along with an inability to move and extend your fingers. Depending on the severity of the problem, the doctor will recommend you what therapy you need to take or you might even undergo surgery.

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