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Bad Breath Is DISGUSTING And What You Need To Do Now To GET RID OF IT

Sometimes, even with the best oral hygiene, you have bad breath. It could be to do with your diet, with illness or disease, with a dry mouth or just genetic. Either way it is horrible and you want to get rid of it.

Here are top ways to get rid of bad breath

Brush your teeth often
This is a no brainer. Brush your teeth often, not just morning and night. Food that is trapped in your teeth smells. You do not need to brush hard as you don’t want to damage your gums or wear down your teeth. Brush gently and do it often, with a nice smelling toothpaste. Ask your dentist or oral hygienist to teach you how to brush properly. You want to get rid of the plaque which collects with poor oral hygiene and makes you smell bad.

Flossing has actually been proven to NOT do any good for tooth health. We find this so interesting. Flossing may not be vital but it does get those bits of food out of your teeth which means your breath will not stink. Keep floss on you and use it for times when a toothbrush is not that convenient.

A mouthwash is vital. You can keep one at your washbasin and also in your bag or at the office. Rinse often. A mouthwash adds extra protection. It gets rid of bacteria. A fresh minty smell in your mouth will also make you feel good. Choose a good mouthwash, you want one that not only makes your breath smell good but also kills the germs in your mouth. If you do not have a mouthwash then you can also rinse with water. Cold or warm. Rinse often, it keeps your mouth fresh.

Scrape your tongue
The coating on your tongue can be a lovely home for smelly bacteria. To get rid of them, brush your tongue with your toothbrush. Do it gently though, you do not want to cause abrasions or sores. You may need to get a special brush or a scraper. A scraper is actually a special toothbrush designed to put pressure against the surface of the tongue. It removes food debris and dead cells from the plate of your mouth. Brushing your teeth is often not enough and a bit of scraping is necessary.

Watch what you eat
This is a no brainer. If you eat onions or garlic, you are going to smell of onions or garlic. They are both really good for you but sadly leave you with a very bad smell in your mouth. Best way not to smell of onions or garlic – do not eat them. Or at least, do not eat them before you go on a date or to meet a friend for a drink.

A healthy diet
Again, a no brainer. What goes in must come out. If you are eating raw meat, raw meat is going to come out, or the smell of raw, dead meat. Yugh! If you eat delicious raw and natural foods, they too are going to come out, but smelling good. Lettuce, tomatoes, salad stuff, vegetables, grains, nuts, bran, oats, dandelion tea, mint tea, peppermint, rosemary, all herbs – these will make your breath stay fresh and smell good. An apple a day does not only keep the doctor away but also keeps bad breath away.

Is it more than just bad breath?

Make sure you get yourself checked out if your bad breath is really bad and does not go away or improve. It could be the sign of an illness. The medical term for bad breath is Halitosis. Halitosis means something in your body is out of sync, out of balance. Halitosis is a medical condition that can lower your self-esteem and effect your everyday life and your relationships. It is also often very difficult to pick up your own bad breath and you need to be reliant on friends or family to tell you. If your new partner does not want to kiss you, you probably have bad breath.

See a doctor if it consists. Also, if you have a dry mouth often, check it out. You may have a respiratory tract infection, but you could also have a serious illness. See your doctor and be honest with her or him about what you eat, what your lifestyle is like and what concerns you. Only by you being honest, can a doctor treat you.

There is also something called a Halimeter which you can buy, keep at home and monitor your own bad breath. But honestly, follow a healthy diet, take good care of your mouth, brush and floss, use a mouthwash and your breath should be as fresh as daisies.

Or as fresh as mint at least!

Thanks for reading!


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