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The Bike Washing Machine Encourages You to Conserve Energy And Get Fit

If there is one chore you don’t want to engage in, it’s laundry and rush washing.

You may have an electric powered dish washer and washing machine, but if you are staying in a region where electricity is epileptic then a recent invention by Chinese students may just help solve your problem and an added benefit is that you get to keep fit in the process.

What Is This Invention About?

If you are a stickler for multi-tasking then you will love this invention simply known as — BiWa which is an acronym for Bike Washing Machine.

This appliance is a static bike which is fitted with a door, drum as well as a dispenser and rather than running on electricity from a power outlet, it runs on human power.

As you ride the static bike you generate power to operate the washing machine and there is a display screen which informs you of the amount of exercise required to completely wash your clothing.

What is outstanding about this appliance is that it stores up excess energy which can be used for subsequent washing.

This device saves energy and is eco-friendly, though it is not yet commercially available, there is a growing interest in the device by multinational companies that may want to invest in its mass production and marketability.


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