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This Is How Your Brain Physically Changes When You Consume Whole Turmeric

Turmeric is often called the “miracle spice” due to its rich health benefits that can help you overcome numerous diseases and conditions. Although most of its effects are attributed to its active ingredient curcumin, turmeric as a whole can help you regenerate the brain.

An overlooked benefit

Aromatic-turmerone is a fat-soluble component of the spice that has recently been examined by German scientists for its effect on neural stem cells. The results of the study showed that these cells increased in numbers by up to 80% when exposed to ar-turmerone, which show that there’s a healing effect occurring. Used on rats, ar-turmerone caused formation of new brain cells in the hippocampus and sub-ventricular zone along with a visible size growth in both areas.

Ar-turmerone is actually a powerful regenerative agent that can aid neural stem cells in brain regeneration and help in cases of Alzheimer’s or stroke. Besides promoting stem cell proliferation, ar-turmerone differentiates stem cells into neurons, which is the main goal of regenerative medicine. Curcumin has also been used on the brain and has been very helpful in improving the memory of Alzheimer patients.

People usually think that using curcumin extracts alone can provide the benefits, but in this case, turmeric offers numerous therapeutic compounds which the extracts don’t have. For example, it’s better to use the whole plant for colonic inflammation and polips instead of curcumin, as the extract might be absorbed in the small intestine long before it acts.

The effects of ar-turmerone on the brain are still a mystery, but the recent study showed that there’s definitely a regenerative effect present. So, add a pinch of turmeric in your smoothie and you’ll thank yourself later.



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