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Brush The Teeth With Turmeric Paste And See Gums And Plaque Changes

Some things are attractive always like white nice teeth. Regardless the smile shape, every smile is beautiful and every smile makes people happy. Here you can see the best natural cheap and effectively simple cure for whiter teeth.


Americans spent over 1 billion dollars just for bought whiteners. What you pay for, hm? These whiteners have risks like:

  • Tooth pain
  • Gum irritation
  • Gum receding
  • Translucent teeth
  • Brittle teeth
  • Yellowing of teeth faster than ever
  • Many whiteners have effect but just short term and you cannot overuse this.

The best part is that you no longer need these bad chemicals!

Nature always has the best for us and our smile too!

Go in the pantry! If you were interested for health & wellness you will adore this spice. It is super food and can be used daily.


This is a vibrant, yellow golden spice for mustard colorings. This can whiten teeth, seriously! Turmeric is like perfect whitener, sounds weird, but is true.


Also whiten teeth with water and turmeric.

You need:

  • 1 tbsp coconut
  • 2 pills turmeric powder
  • Little mint oil


Wet the brush and dip it in this mix. Brush as long as you can and after 3-5 min, spit and then rinse. Keep this up for a few days to see best results.

That is all!


The good thing here is that this is with natural foods and they have many benefits. Studies proved that turmeric for the teeth is amazing for oral health.

1. Tooth pain and infections

This spice kills viruses and bacteria

2. Gum receding and irritation

With turmeric you have less such problems and less irritations. It kills fungi, bacteria, inflammation and viruses and soothes the mouth. Some are allergic to chemicals and pastes but with this no allergies are seen.

3. Decalcifying pineal gland

This gland is the most vital of the nervous system. It is in the brain center and regulates many hormones so is named also Spiritual awakening. A lot of chemicals can damage this gland. But turmeric keeps neuro-health excellent, removes inflammation and keeps pineal health.

4. No fluoride brain damage

It whitens teeth but also keeps fluoride damage far. Fluoride is seen EVERYWHERE like non-stick pans, toothpaste, antibiotics, water and more. Many studies said this is toxic for the brain and organs. Curcuma of the spice saves the brain! Over 200 studies said this spice keeps mental health. Reduce toxicity daily and start using turmeric.


1. It is old

This spice is used in USA recently or 3 decades ago, but in medicine everywhere was used centuries back. Historians think it started in India, Africa, Asia and Caribbean. Experts found turmeric on skeleton’s teeth near Indus river and in cooking items of that period.

2. It was named gold in biblical times

The wise men brought gold to Jesus, and probably this was it! In ancient scripts people named this spice gold.

3. Good side effects

Many inflammation drugs are god but have bad side effects. You must have seen this too and is not good. Especially when you need health. Turmeric is loaded with good effects for every organ. If taken in high doses it makes nausea and diarrhea but that is all.

4. Safe for diets

Take it as capsules, powder, in smoothies, just root, dishes and recipes, brushing teeth…

It is better than Prozac for depression- studies from a medical college said that curcuma can alleviate depression.


  • Fighting brain tumors
  • Less risks of prostate, skin cancer, leukemia, myeloma and metastasis
  • Boosted eye health
  • Less Alzheimer’s risk
  • Weight loss
  • No inflammation
  • Antioxidants
  • More healthy enzymes
  • Pain killer
  • Detox for liver
  • Aids in Parkinson’s
  • Slow progress of multiple sclerosis
  • More brain derived neuropathic factors
  • Heals depression
  • Better sleep
  • Less chronic stress
  • Kills bacteria
  • Makes weight gain when needed
  • Cures psoriasis
  • Cures belly ulcers
  • Cures h. pylori and acid reflux
  • Prevents heart issues
  • Reduces heart problems by 65%
  • Soothes arthritis
  • Slows aging


We all love turmeric for these things. We have spent lot of time exploring this spice and its supplements so it is 4 times more available to us!

And is all natural.

Thanks for reading!


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