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Thousands Different Types of Bugs May Be Living in Your Real Christmas Tree!

Many people add live Christmas trees in order to bring the Christmas spirit into their homes. Not only do they smell great, but they’re also an amazing way to harbor the Christmas spirit.

However, before bringing the tree indoors, don’t forget that it spent too much time growing up outdoors, and that there’s probably a host of critters that may call it home. The good news is that the bugs that come along with the tree aren’t dangerous and don’t pose a risk to your health. It is just that you don’t want to invite them to your holiday gathering.


There’re multiple species of mites that can infiltrate your home. They’re small, light colored pests, so that they often go unnoticed. There’s a variety that’s a bit bigger and is bright red.

These pests are most commonly found on spruce, Fraser fir, white pine, and douglas-fir trees. Additionally, they overwinter as adults. When they’re exposed to the heat of your home, they usually become active. They often stay on the tree where they mite eggs and prey on insect.

Your Christmas tree may come with an old bird’s nest in it. You need to remove them before they come into your home since there’re several species of mites (bird parasites), which may eventually hitch a ride.


Aphids are insects that are most commonly found on Christmas trees. An aphid can measure 1/8 of an inch. It has 6 legs. It is generally a wingless insect that remains on the tree throughout its life. In case it manages to produce offspring, it may result in a winged species. Unluckily, when you bring the Christmas tree indoors, then it starts mimicking springtime conditions. That’s why this insect’s life cycle begins to spring into action.


Spiders act as predators to the bugs already found on the Christmas tree. As mentioned above, they don’t pose a risk to your health. Even though they may be creepy, they can keep the bug population of the tree under control. But, they’re meant to be outdoors, which means that they’ll usually die off not too long after entering your home.

Here Is How to Keep Them Out:

There’re 4 preventative measures you need to take to prevent insects from entering your home during the holidays. You should inspect the trunk and branches of the tree, ensuring there aren’t visible egg sacs or any other infestation. Next, make sure the tree sits in your garage for about 24 hours, so that the insects have a chance to leave the tree. Afterwards, before bringing the tree indoors, you should shake it vigorously. Finally, you should spray neem oil on it to get rid of any remaining insects. Avoid spraying insecticides as they’re flammable.

You may want to buy an artificial Christmas tree in case you want to avoid the insects altogether. It is just as festive, and there’ll not be any unwelcome guests at your Christmas party.

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