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A Chemical in the Colgate Toothpaste Can Lead to Cancer

We all know of the most famous toothpaste Colgate. You and many more use this only.

But, a study of recently stated that it has a dangerous chemical inside called Triclosa and this makes cancer grow faster and causes other issues too.

A study from the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal stated that that chemical makes MORE cancer cells in number. In the previous years there were many such studies and all agreed on this chemical.

The Triclosan seeps in the skin and impairs the work of hormones and endocrine too. That is not all; a study from the Environmental Health Perspectives of 2008 stated that experts detected this chemical in urine of 75% test subject people. 2,517 elderly.

Many laundry detergents, hand cleansers and deodorants have it too.

A study publication in the Chemical Research of Toxicology magazine said this causes cancer.

It really is hazardous if seeps into the skin and goes to the blood even. It may cause hormone damages.

But, many studies say this and still Colgate is the most sought paste there is. Only Canada forbade this triclosan.

Our country’s government is still silent on this affair and it will ban this only if a disaster occurs, like with the asbestos case DT and PCB.

Overall, we choose what we buy and next time maybe we can at least switch to other brands.

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