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Clean Your Arteries And Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke With Only One Glass Of This Powerful Drink

There’s no doubt that garlic and lemon are some of the most powerful natural remedies. Aside from being used in cooking to add flavor to dishes, these two ingredients provide numerous health benefits and play an important part in natural medicine as well.

Although they are beneficial when used separately, their medicinal properties are even more powerful when the two are mixed.

In fact, the combination of garlic and lemon juice is one of the most effective natural treatments for clogged arteries. Clogged arteries are a symptom of arteriosclerosis, a condition preceding heart attacks and strokes.

The recipe we recommend here is completely safe to use as it only combines these two natural ingredients. Still, it’s one of the best natural remedies to improve your arterial health.



  • 1l water
  • 6 peeled lemons, cut into small pieces
  • 30 cloves garlic, chopped to small pieces


Puree the ingredients in a food processor. Transfer the mixture in a pot and bring to a boil. When it boils, turn off the heat and let it cool. When the mixture cools off, store in a jar and refrigerate.

How to use it:

1.First dosage: Drink 50ml a day for 3 weeks.
2.Take one week break.
3.Second Dosage: Drink 50ml every day for 3 weeks.

You can repeat the treatment every 6 months.


1.It improves blood flow.

2.It cleanses the liver and improves liver function.

3.It reduces LDL blood cholesterol.

4.It lowers blood pressure.

5.It reduces triglycerides levels in the blood.

6.It prevents the formation of tumors.

7.It improves kidney function and prevents water retention.

8.It boosts immune system function.

9.It activates fat-burning metabolism in the body.

10.It regenerates cells as a result of its antioxidant effect.




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