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Clinical Cannabis and Cannabinoid Trials can Reveal Cancer Treatment

Even before marijuana became known in every household across the globe it was used as a treatment for varying reasons, including health conditions. Marijuana has been used for at least three thousand years and it is possible that it was used even before that.

However the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has not released any statements declaring marijuana to have any actual proven health treatment benefits. The FDA has also not declared Marijuana to be safe. Even so, there are states across the United States that have allowed the medicinal, and in some states the recreational as well, use of marijuana. These states are allowed to do so and includes the District of Columbia as well.

Voters and/or legislators have made this possible. The voters and legislators have voted marijuana to be legal because of reported health benefits and this has allowed a number of cannabis dispensaries and even online marijuana businesses and services to develop. These voters have voted it on not on a basis of scientific evidence provided for marijuana and the benefits thereof. However a lack of scientific evidence presented does not mean that the scientific benefits do not exist. Due to marijuana’s shaded reputation of the past generations, there has been a lack of efficient and funded studies for the plant. Online marijuana searches show a range of articles describing word of mouth health benefits however scientific research and articles are not as readily available. Clinical trials and studies that have been conducted need further funding and also need further investigation.

What some clinical studies and research have shown is that the cannabinoids within the cannabis can trigger CB1 and CB2 receptor within the brain. These CB1 and CB2 receptors are then triggered to release certain pain relieving and possibly inflammation reducing properties.

Many studies have been conducted and clinical research and trials that have been done show that the cannabinoids within the cannabis work with the endocannabanoid system within the human system (and other animal systems as well). The CB1 and CB2 receptors are located within the endocannabanoid system.

The difficulty presented when studying marijuana and the health effect thereof are mainly consisted of the difference between strains and the extreme variations in the plant’s chemical make up. Not only are the variations in the plant a challenge but the variations within the humans as well. Almost every marijuana strain has a wide variance of CBD or THC levels. Just one walk into a cannabis dispensary or even a look at a online marijuana dispensary will show the variety of different strains and levels of psychoactive compounds to be found.

In an effort to gain more traction with the scientific studies of marijuana and marijuana’s health benefits the Federal Government has let up on its previously strict restrictions on marijuana research. The Federal Government has also begun providing some research teams with different strains to study. In addition to this, the tax revenue from some areas and states where recreational and/or medical marijuana is legal is allocated to research of marijuana.

There are currently two FDA-approved marijuana medicines for specific health conditions however the rest of the research present has diverse variances and by each disease.

One of the most researched and promising aspect of marijuana and the health benefits thereof is the subject of how marijuana can benefit those suffering from cancer.

However still more research needs to be done. In January 2017, a paper was published by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. This report delved into the benefits of marijuana as well as the potential harm that marijuana could cause. The National Academies urged for more research to be done and that regulations to be eased so that knowledge and understanding could be gained from the plant.

According to the American Cancer Association, marijuana has the following positive effects on cancer:

– Various studies have revealed the cannabis that has been ingested via smoking it is beneficial in assisting patients suffering from nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy treatment

– Further studies indicate that cannabis that has been ingested via inhalation is potentially beneficial for those suffering from pain that is caused by damaged nerves (also known as neuropathic pain)

– Studies also show that marijuana that has been smoked is beneficial is assisting those suffering with HIV. Smoked marijuana assists patients in intake of foods and stimulates the appetites.

– There have been no registered and/or published studies and/papers that document the effect of marijuana, CBD or hemp oil

-Certain published studies have revealed that individuals who used extracts from the cannabis plants required a lower dosage of pain relievers. Clinical trials such as these are not recognised as sufficient scientific evidence by the federal government. The Federal Government still refuses to declare marijuana as an efficient plant with health benefits despite such clinical trials.

– In recent studies, reports have shown that the two main cannabinoids (THC and CBD) do indeed cause the growth of specific cancer cells to slow down, in some cases these cannabinoids were shown to even cause the eventual death of the cancer cells. These cancer cells were grown in a lab and were restricted to only certain types of the cancer.

– Animal studies have shown that specific cannabinoids slow down the development of certain cancer forms.

-Clinical studies and trials revealed that cannabinoids can be used in the treatment of some cancer forms and there are more clinical trials and research programs in the foreseeable future.

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