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Cut a Lemon in 4 and Add Salt, Then put it in the Kitchen, This Trick Will Change Your Life

Some foods become so much a part of our lives that we lose sight of everything they can do for us.

This is the case of lemon which, in addition to serving as a seasoning for salads or to prepare meals, drinks and even desserts, has medicinal properties very beneficial to health. This refreshing citrus contains acids that can fight diseases related to the airways already used by our grandmothers, like the flu, colds or sore throats.

It is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial able to combat cholesterol, cramps, fatty liver and at the same time, favor digestive processes. But the benefits of lemon do not only reach organic issues, but in some cultures are attributed powers to drive away negative energies and at the same time attract well-being and prosperity.

But if we combine lemon with salt, another precious and powerful element of nature, we can get a disinfectant that eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses that abound in the environment.

Here’s a list of the different uses you can give lemon or lemon combined with salt:

– The aroma of lemon goes back to warm climates, spring and summer. It is a refreshing and penetrating fragrance that never goes unnoticed. Take some green lemons, cut them into quarters and place in several containers distributed in the rooms of your house.

It will serve to aromatize and refresh your home.

– Take a lemon, cut it into four slices and place it in a center of table sprinkled with a little salt.

This will eliminate the negativity and the bad energies that circulate in your house.

– Another trick to attract well-being and prosperity is by placing in a ceramic bowl a floor made with rice and leaning on them nine lemons.

Place this container on the refrigerator.

Rice is also known as an amulet to attract abundance.

– If you feel fluffy or feverish, place two lemons in a bowl in a bowl, boil for a few minutes and strain it.

Add to this infusion a spoonful of honey.

This will help relieve airway decongestion and relieve sore throat.

– Did you know that an old belief assures that lemons attract love?

Place three lemons in a tall glass on your table and change them when they begin to dry.
You can use this to improve the work environment and keep problems from your job.

– The combination of lemon juice with salt will serve as an excellent stain remover.

Prepare a paste with these two ingredients and apply them on the clothes.

Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash normally.

– Also lemon can serve as a teeth whitener.

Extract the juice of two or three lemons and gargle making the juice circulate throughout your mouth.

It will not only bleach but at the same time eliminate germs and bacteria.

– Extract the juice of two or three lemons and place in a spray bottle.

Spray through the corners of your house to drive away the bad energies.

Surely very few elements of nature can be so versatile and provide so many benefits.

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