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Day 6 Shocking! Here’s The Only Posture For Smooth Pooping


Have you already tried ensuring your diet has enough fiber and probiotics? I know, the beginning is always difficult….But DO IT TODAY if you still haven’t done it! Let me get you some mind-blowing facts to enlighten you a bit today – You probably have gone to the toilet in the wrong way!

Modern Toilets Might Just Be Creating Pooping Problems
Research indicates that the modern toilet might just be obstructing smooth and efficient bowel movement and cause plenty problems along the way – constipation, hemorrhoids and even the dreaded IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). A chronically clogged up bowel can also lead to infections, fatigue and general unhealthiness. To poop smoothly, you might have to change the posture you poop in i.e. we need to be squatting, not sitting, on the toilet bowl. [1]

The Posture That Helps You Poop Smoothly
Consider the internal pluming in the human body – when we are upright, a muscle within our bodies known as the puborectalis muscle tighten and causes a bend in the rectum – thereby not letting us leak in unseemly places or ways. [2]

Sitting on a modern potty means that your legs are at a 90-degree angle to your torso – and the puborectalis muscle is tight thus misaligning, choking and bending the rectum (to maintain continence) at simply the wrong angle to poop smoothly.

Squatting on the other hand aligns your torso and your body at a 35-degree angle. This in turn relaxes the puborectalis muscle, keeping the rectum perfectly straight and aligned with the anus and letting gravity aid you to poop smoothly.

Do I Have To Squat To Poop Smoothly?
Frankly, the concept of squatting to poop seems foreign and pretty third-worldly. And healthy as is it may seem for the bowel, squatting on a recessed toilet bowl (like the Indian squat toilet) can put quite a bit of strain on the knees and back, though it can build up killer thighs. Also squatting on an unsupported toilet bowl may also cause slipping or falling accidents thereby leading to injuries so it’s best avoided.

That said; if you have the stamina to completely change your bathroom and go for a lower toilet bowl that allows for supported squatting, go for it.

A somewhat easier alternative to remodeling, however, is to buy a potty stool (like the Squatty Potty), and you can watch their commercial right here[3] that elevates the legs to the right angle (remember the 35-degree point), making way for you to poop smoothly. Easy enough to install and store, these stools aid you into a supported squat position and thus aid you to poop smoothly…

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