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Dealing With a Jealous Husband and a Heartbreaking Story

Jealousy is relating to insecurity and fear, it is also about control. If your partner has a fit each time you want to go out with your co-workers after work or spend time with a friend then this could lead to some extremely serious problems, including spousal mistreatment and altercations between your partner and your friends. If alcohol is involved, it could be a very dangerous mixture for everyone.

The insecurity is a part of jealousy. If your partner is unsafe, it is because of low self regard on their part-unless it is about events on your part. If you are staying out late with a friend and do not call or engage them in any way in your friendship, you may need to create some changes in your performance. But if your partner is noisy because you have friends, you both need to agree on the boundaries of your relationship, and stick to them.

Jealousy and possessiveness become intolerable when it gets out of hand and starts to eat the relationship. Frequently, a wife feels desired if her husband displays loving possessiveness or a boyfriend feels more loved and important if his girlfriend gets a little irritated when he checks out other women. So when does it get to be a problem?.

What should you do when your husband jealous?

Dealing with a jealous husband

If you are in a relationship where your husband’s jealousy or possessiveness is beginning to get to you, what should you do about it? Would it help to shape out why he feels this way? Talk to them about it, communication is the key as always.

If you are suffering appropriate to your husband’s unreasonable jealousy or possessiveness, specially if is completely unwarranted and you have never given them reason to doubt your promise to them, it can cause irreparable damage to the relationship.

If he blames you of checking out, admiring or checking with someone and it is completely uncalled for, do not argue and get into a heated discuss about it. It will only get worse an already tense situation. Try to serenely and rationally explain that you were not doing anything of the sort and nor are you tempted to, restore confidence them that it was harmless, after all it’s human nature to appreciate something or somebody good looking and nothing is going to come out of it.

If your husband has been visiting your office too often, asking your friends as many questions, let him know as quietly as possible that you do not appreciate it. Tell them that you are more than ready to address their fears and give answers, always presumptuous that the questions are reasonable and not verging on the suspicious.

If your husband are showing strong signs of possessiveness and want you to stop all contact with your friends or family, create him understand that it is not good for a relationship to spend all your time in each other’s company. Calm their concerns and worries and give confidence them to also spend time with their own circle of friends. Let him know that friends and family are important to you, but he is the most important person in your life.

Top 10 signs when husband extremely jealous

  1. He calls you each two hours just to say, that he love you but it is actually a idea to check up on you.
  2. He says no to accept that you have male friends.
  3. When you get home from your boys night out, you get an all-night interrogation.
  4. He doesn’t like you to go anywhere without he.
  5. He gets angry each time you come within 50 feet of another attractive men and demands, “What are you looking at?”
  6. He blows up at you anytime you mention a male celebrity.
  7. He constantly questions you about your male coworkers.
  8. He’s even jealous of your family and asks questions like, “Why were you talking to your mother for so long?”
  9. He tries to trap you with questions like, “Do you find him attractive?” and freaks out no matter what you answer.
  10. You are afraid. You are very afraid.


Jealous husband: my wife where are you?

Wife :at home love

Husband: are you sure?

Wife: yes

Husband : turn on the blender.

Wife: (turns blender on) reeereeeereeee

Husband: ok my love goodbye

Another day, Jealous husband: my wife where are you?

Wife: at home love

Husband: are you sure?

Wife: yes

Husband: turn on the blender

Wife: (turns blender on) reeereeeereeee

Husband: ok my love goodbye.

The next day, the husband decides to go home without notice, finds his son alone and asks him “Son, where is your mother?”

Son: I do not know, she went out with the blender ….. GOSH…..

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