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You Should Definitely Know The Dangerous Effects of Too Much Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become such as big part of our lives that it’s virtually impossible to imagine how it would be living without it, especially in the summer. These units are an ecologic and cheap option for cooling and heating, and their sales are rising through the top in recent years.

However, no one really considers if they’re safe for our health. We just take them for granted and not think much about the negative sides, but we assure you there are plenty. In fact, experts say that air conditioning units can be seriously harmful in the long run, and may spread infections and cause respiratory problems, allergies, dehydration, headaches and lethargy.

Here are some of the worst effects of air conditioners:

Respiratory problems

Car air conditioners have been found to contain at least 8 deadly germs which can cause problems such as fever and pneumonia. The germs and micro organisms can cause a lot of damage to your lungs when you turn the AC in your car on, so it may be best to avoid it, or at least clean it thoroughly more often.

Inability to withstand heat

People who spend most of their time in air-conditioned environment can easily become intolerant to heat in the summer.

Infectious diseases

Air conditioners can dry out the mucus in your lungs, irritating your membranes and making you more prone to bacterial or viral infections.

Worsens asthma and allergies symptoms

ACs can aggravate your allergy and asthma symptoms, especially if not regularly cleaned.


Headaches are the most common side-effect of ACs. They usually occur due to dehydration, and can easily progress to migraines.

Worsens respiratory disease symptoms

If you spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms, you will definitely be vulnerable to various eye, nose and throat problems.

Dry and itchy skin

Too much exposure to air-conditioned air can dry out your skin and make it itchy.


In order to prevent being dehydrated, you should drink a lot of water if you’re in an air-conditioned environment.


Exposure to air-conditioned air may make you lethargic and lazy. This is why experts recommend spending a bit of time outside every 3-4 hours when spending most of your time in air-conditioner rooms.

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