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DO NOT Ignore the Pain in These Parts of Your Body – It Can Cost You Life!

Pain is a sign that your body tells you that there is something wrong. Pain is one of important signals released by our body, so we should not underestimate the pain. It can bring some bad effects that you never want!

The pain on one area can be a signal of something wrong on different area. Yes, we already know sometimes it can be ignored, but if the pain occurs on these following areas, we need consider a possibility of we are suffering from dangerous diseases.

Pain on the chest is a sign of heart problem, you need to consider a medical help as soon as possible if you find the pain on your left chest. You need to pay more attention to your body’s left side, since it’s associated with heart!

Lungs and diaphragm
Got pain on your neck or upper shoulders? You probably suffer from lungs and diaphragm problems.

Liver and gall bladder
If you get pain on your right shoulder frequently, you might get what called liver and gall bladder problems.

Stomach and pancreas
Don’t ever underestimate abdominal pain and back pain! They are signs of something wrong in the stomach and pancreas. A half of the people with chronic pancreatitis got a back pain. You must consult doctor when you find the pain!


Small Intestine
Got a pain in your stomach near from the navel? You may suffer a problem of your small intestine. You need to do your check-up.

Big Intestine
If you get appendicitis, you may feel the pain on the whole lower abdomen’s right part. The pain is a strong signal that you are suffering colon or rectum problems. You need to consult doctor as soon as possible.


Have you ever felt a pain on your lower back, lower abdomen, pelvis, and thighs? These pains might be a sign of kidney problems.


Don’t ignore pain on the front of your abdomen; it is a sign of bladder-related problems.


Got a strong pain on both sides of your abdomen? Be worry! It is a sign of inflammation of the ovaries.



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