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If You Don’t Have Half Moon Shape On Your Nails, Visit The Doctor Urgently

You might have noticed that you have half moon shape on your nails, which according to many doctors and other experts is a sign of some diseases.

More precisely said the size of the half shaped moon on our nails can be indicator of some health issues, especially when the half moon shape is significantly reduced or even gone.

This shape, actually represents the visible part of the nail root, and you can see it most clearly in your thumb.

The lack of lunula can cause the following:

  • If you notice that your thumb miss the lanula be careful because this may indicate psychological disease.
  • In a case in which your index finger is in lack with lanula , you might have problems with the intestines, the liver, pancreas or the reproductive system.
  • You probably have problem with the blood pressure if you can’t see the lanula on your middle finger.
  • Thyroid gland issue may appear if the half moon shape is completely reduced on the fourth finger.
  • As last, if the lanula or the half moon shape, call it whatever you like, is missing from your little finger, it’s possible that your intestines are clogged.

According to specialist, some of the problems can be solved by practicing yoga for the fingers, but if you don’t believe in that just visit your doctor and consult with him or her.

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