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Filipino Doctor Found A Cure For Diabetes In Just 5 Minutes

One debilitating ailment that affects people all over the world regardless of their status, creed, gender, race, nationality, wealth or religion is diabetes.

This illness causes serious damage to vital organs like the kidneys, liver, nervous system and even eyes.

Accord to the Worldwide Diabetes League, the nation of the Philippines is a hotbed of people with this ailment and a high number of their population are literally hooked on insulin shots.

In this country however, there is a specialist in Metabolic Drug, a man who has dedicated himself towards the search for a natural cure for this serious ailment.

This 82 year old doctor known as Dr. Jamie Dy-Liacco had devoted the better part of his life looking for a sustainable cure for diabetes.

Dr. Dy-Liacco believes that there are six major minerals that the body requires to effectively prevent and combat diabetes; to this end the specialist came up with a recipe that will include the right amounts of the minerals while boosting your body’s natural immunity.

Here’s what is needed:


  • Crude eggs – 2 pieces
  • Sea salt – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Local bean stew pepper (siling labuyo) – 12 pieces


  • First, you should chop up and then pound the bean stew peppers.
  • With a blender, blend the peppers mixed with the crude eggs.
  • Add the sea salt to the blended mixture.
  • It is now ready for consumption, you can now drink the blended homogeneous mixture.

If you are a busy person you should not worry about the length of time for preparing this recipe as it takes just five minutes to prepare.


Source: My Central Health

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