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Find Out Your Risks Of Melanoma In Just Couple Of Seconds

When we want to find out about the symptoms of certain diseases we often search Google after which we come across of abundance of information.

This makes us question even more. This situation appears when you enter the question – how to identify melanoma?

This is the disease of modern time and is referred to as a silent killer. For this reason doctors do their best to acquaint people with the dangers of this disease.

One such project, which is by the way very successful, is the one made by SkinVision which launched a free mobile application that can assist you discover this disease with an accuracy of 83%.

Moles appear on the skin commonly and almost every person has them, but except them, outgrows similar to moles can appear.

In case you have noticed changes on your skin or you have noticed a new mole you can use this application and follow these steps:

Download this free app and then take a picture of the suspicious mole;
The app will assess the risk degree from a malignant disease on the basis of algorithms. It will use the shape, edges, and the color of the mole as data for assessment;

In case the mole appears to be risky, your mobile phone will warn you. Next thing to do is visit your doctor’s office to seek for advice.



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