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How to Get Rid of Cholesterol Deposits Around Your Eyes

Have you ever noticed some yellowish small pimples around your eyes?

These pimples might just sit there without causing any harmful symptoms or disturbing effects. Yet, its appearance distract you aesthetically, as it might be really visible. These pimples, in some people occur in a form of a small cauliflower which consists of several small pimples located together. If this is what you are experiencing, you probably have cholesterol deposits around your eyes. This condition is sometimes referred as xanthelasma.

What causes xanthelasma to occur?

A xanthelasma is a fat deposit which occurs as yellowish pimples which might be located around the eye or eyelid. Xanthelasma might vary in amount and is usually painless. Its characteristic may also vary. Some people find out that they develop soft xanthelasma, while others feel their xanthelasma is harder and cannot be squeezed. Xanthelasma is a condition which is caused by fat deposits under the skin. Therefore, it is also often described as a fatty skin growth. These skin growth can be located in some areas, such as elbows, feet, hands, buttocks, and eyes. Some xanthelasma can be a sign of certain medical conditions, while some others might occur without any presence of medical condition.

Xanthelasma occurs when someone has a high bad cholesterol, called LDL. These bad cholesterols cause blockage in some oil glands underneath the skin and results in hard little pimples which cannot be squeezed. These pimples may come and go, although not medically harmful. However, having xanthelasma occurring on your eye area does not necessarily mean that you are having a high bad cholesterol, because your cholesterol level and health cannot be surely measured just by eye examination.

How to get rid of cholesterol deposits around eyes naturally?

Many people experience frequent and numerous appearance around their eyes, such as under eyes and on the eyelids. Although these small pimples are usually painless, cholesterol deposits might be aesthetically disturbing, and moreover, can be a sign of health disturbance. The occurrence of cholesterol deposits around your eyes might be related to lipid levels, liver function, and symptoms of chronic diseases. A set of tests might be needed to find out the main cause of cholesterol deposits formation. Besides knowing the cause of their cholesterol deposits occurrence, finding out how to get rid of this problem is as important. Since cholesterol deposits around your eyes might be aesthetically deteriorating, getting rid of it completely becomes an important concern.

Surgical procedures which include laser has been known to treat these small yellowish pimples. Another treatment with certain substance such as trichloroacetic acid can also be used to get rid of the bumps. However, these cholesterol deposits or xanthelasma are likely to reoccur after treatments. Thus, some natural treatments which can be done at home might be suitable for treating the whole problem. Some efforts to be considered in getting rid of cholesterol deposits around eyes include:

  1. Controlling diets intake. Although cholesterol deposits do not necessarily mean that your cholesterol level is high, its occurrence gives a sign that some of your oil glands may be blocked. Therefore, reducing fatty diets can be helpful in decreasing its occurrence and preventing it from reoccur.
  2. Getting regular lipid and cholesterol test. This is also important, since by knowing your lipid and cholesterol level you would know what foods you should not consume to avoid cholesterol deposits.
  3. Exercises are important to keep your proper blood flow. This will promote a good metabolism and break down accumulated fats. By exercising, you prevent your glands from being blocked by accumulated fats.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamin C and B. This will help promoting better metabolism and breaking fats to avoid blocked glands.
  5. Get a damp tea bag compress. This will help flatten the pimples and make it less visible. Do this regularly to avoid cholesterol deposits from reoccurring.
  6. Ground some garlic and apply it onto the affected area. Garlic is loaded with anti-inflammatory which can help getting rid of these cholesterol deposits. This treatment may cause severe sting initially, but many people indeed find it useful in flattening the bumpy small pimples.

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