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How To Get Rid of Throat Infections Faster, Better and Safer, WITHOUT Antibiotics!

Unlike over-the-counter antibiotics, natural remedies are effective and don’t cause any adverse side effects. The remedies presented below are extremely effective in treating throat infection and they will help you feel much better in no time.

Our Goal Is To Let Our Body Heal By Itself!

Strep is a viral infections which can be transferred rapidly and easily. The good news is that strep throat remedies get rid of the infection in a matter of days. Simple strep throat infection remedy:

  • 4-5 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 tbsp raw honey
  • ½ tsp cayenne pepper

Take a teaspoon of the remedy every hour.

1. Get Some Rest

Getting proper rest is key to eliminating strep throat infection. As a matter of fact, proper sleep helps combat most infections. Simply take a day off, turn off all devices, and go to a deep sleep.

2. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Given that the throat is most sensitive when having strep throat infection, it is very important to pay attention to what you eat and drink. Avoid processed foods and things that irritate the throat even more, particularly alcohol and smoking. If there is someone near you smoking, move away right away.

3. Honey and Pepper

The combination of honey and pepper has been long used to soothe the throat. All you have to do is to mix a spoon of honey with a pinch of ground pepper and let the mixture glide down the throat. As unbelievable as it may seem, this combo really helps alleviate the pain.

4. Warm Comforting Drinks

Sipping a warm or hot herbal tea can help a lot in case of dry throat and it will definitely make you feel much better. While drinking warm, comforting drink is not the key to curing the infection, it still helps alleviate its symptoms, such as fatigue and tiredness. It is recommended to opt for green or white tea, but in case you are not fan of these beverages feel free to experiment with other flavors.

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger is widely known for its wide plethora of health benefits, including its ability to relieve strep throat infections. To prepare a ginger tea, simply adhere to the instructions below:

  • Take crushed ginger and add it in boiling water
  • Boil for a few minutes before straining the ginger
  • Add honey, if needed
  • Make sure you drink the tea while it`s still warm!

6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has been long used as strep throat remedy as it helps eliminate pain which accompanies the infection. Many people who have tried it swear by its effectiveness.


  • Take a cup of hot water and add raw honey, to taste
  • Add cayenne pepper and mix the ingredients thoroughly
  • Allow the drink to cool down a little
  • For optimal results, sip the drink warm.

7. Inhale Steam

Steam is very effective when it comes to relieving a congested nose. While it doesn’t cure the strep throat right away, it still helps alleviate its symptoms.

Put a few drops of essential oil (oregano, thyme, juniper berry, peppermint or hyssop oil) in a bowl of hot water. Place a towel over the head and inhale the steam to accelerate the healing process.

8. Green Matcha Tea

Being potent antioxidant, green matcha tea helps facilitate the healing process while boosting immunity. It works wonders for eliminating detrimental toxins from the body and relieves strep throat and the symptoms accompanied by the infection.

9. Licorice Root

Licorice root has been traditionally used to treat sore throat. You can either suck on a non-sugar licorice root candy or mix the root with water to create a gargle solution. You`ll reap its benefits no matter which method you opt for.

10. Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is mucus-like substance which creates a soothing gel when combined with warm water. if you have slippery elm supplement ( capsule), open up a few of them and then add a teaspoon of the powder in an 8-oz glass of warm water. Let the powder dissolve and drink.

11. Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow has a mucus-like substance which coats the infected throat, and thus soothes the irritated mucus membranes. Simply add a dried root in a cup of warm water to make a tea and sip the beverage two times daily. Simple as that!

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Last but not least, apple cider vinegar works wonders for treating strep throat infection as well as wide range of minor ailments. Mix half a cup of warm water with one or two teaspoons of ACV to create a gargle solution.

In case you are used to its flavor and simply you`re able to handle it, mix one or two teaspoons of ACV in a 8-oz glass of water and sip it during the day. For optimal results, use raw organic apple cider vinegar, such as Bragg`s.

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