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Have Papaya Leaf Juice And Cure These Health Issues

We all know of the papaya benefits too well but we do not know enough about the benefit of papaya leaf. They have many nutrients good for our health and cure many issues from cancer to dengue fever.

The studies claimed that the papaya leaf has many phytonutrients that make metabolism faste and blood flow better and also provide antioxidants. These leafs are good due to the papain, an alkaloid that is phenolic by nature.

Those items in the papaya leaf, papain and the chymopapain, make digestion of proteins better and solves digestive issues like the bloated belly. But then the alkaloid carpaine is chemo-protection and prevention for cancer people.


  • Blood platelets– for serious illnesses to keep these platelets on high level is vital. The papaya juice provides this well.
  • Healthy liver– the papaya leaf juice nourishes the liver and cures jaundice, liver cancer or cirrhosis.
  • Less diseases– these leaves have acetogenin that stops the dengue fever and cancer, malaria too. It strengthens the immunity and helps you fight bacteria and viruses.
  • Better energy– papaya leaf juice gives you more energy and stamina and stops fatigue.
  • Good digestion– we have said earlier that due to the papain and chymopapain and the enzymes like protease and amylase, digestion is much better. Proteins, fat and carbs
  • are better broken down. This juice is also great for those with digestion problems and issues. It also stops belly inflammation and removes bad bacteria like h. pylori.
  • No inflammation– it is anti-inflammatory and soothes these conditions in the whole body.
  • Leveling the inflammation– this juice controls the PMS problems and regulates the periods.
  • Healthy heart and cardio system– this juice has many antioxidants and boosts our immunity while it makes vessels dilated and heart healthy.
  • Low blood sugar– this juice takes care of the insulin work and sensitivity, also the blood sugars and it prevents diabetes or fatty liver disease.


Get a handful of the leafs and blend them well. Put the juice in a bottle and refrigerate for 5 days. Mix with fruit for taste if you like and sip it slowly since it can have bitter taste.


Get 10 medium size leafs and put them in 2 liters water. Boil until the water is reduced to ½. Let it cool, strain it and sip it. Always have this tea freshly made, in case you can’t – refrigerate maximum of 5 days.


If you are not able to make this at home, take a supplement of the papaya leaf like pills or tincture and make sure it is organic.

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