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Heartbroken Kids Realize Mom No Longer Wants Them When They See This Building

It is bad enough when people take unwanted pets to a shelter and leave them there. One so-called mother, Nikia Smith, in Georgia actually took her three children to a Department of Family and Children Services office and left them there! Smith told the staff, she just didn’t want them anymore.

The children were ages six, twelve, and fourteen. Since it was at the end of the day, the staff urged Smith to come back the next day, and they could talk. Instead, Smith left her kids in the lobby and walked out.

Marietta Police Officer Brittany Wallace said that the staff called Smith and warned her that if she didn’t return for her kids, she could be arrested. Smith admitted she would rather go to jail than have the kids back. How heartbreaking for those children.

The police stated that Smith didn’t want her children because her oldest daughter has a mental disability. The medication had become too expensive. The children were all taken into protective custody, and Smith was eventually arrested.

While it does seem cruel that Smith left her kids – at least she took them somewhere safe. She could have just left them alone at home and never returned.

I am not condoning her actions, but being a single mom can’t be easy.

Maybe Smith had become depressed. Maybe the stress was too much. She didn’t know how to get help. It is not true, however, that unwanted children can just be dropped off at a fire department or at a DFAC location.

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