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An Italian Doctor Shocked The World: Cancer Is A Fungus That Can Be Treated With Baking Soda! (VIDEO)

Tullio Simonchini, Italian doctor claims that the fatal cancer is a fungus and nothing more than that. He also claims that baking soda can eliminate it. This Italian doctor is quite assertive about this method with baking soda. He himself has cured several hundreds or even thousands of people suffering cancer.

The therapy is harmless and people suffering caner have nothing to lose if they try this method. Unfortunately, the reality does not show positive results, namely oncology failures are more and more common today. Dr. Simonchini says “It’s our moral and ethical commitment to find the real cure for the hardest and deadliest diseases of our time. We have to admit that modern oncology is unable to answer all the questions cancer patients have.”

Cancer is fungus!

The shocking statement by Dr. Simonchini also claims the following: “About hundred years ago, the theory claimed that malfunctioning genes were the cause for cancer, and that would mean that the cancer is intracellular. However, in my opinion, cancer is a fungal infection and a special cellular phenomenon.”


Fungal infections cause carcinoma in the plant world. Therefore, the same happens to the humans. Tumor is always carried by the fungi – in vivo and in vitro studies prove this. But, researchers and scientists believe that fungi mainly develop once the disease has appeared. However, the opinion of this Italian doctor is that they are present in the human body before the disease – he believes that fungi weaken the immune system of the human, create cancer and then the entire body is attacked. He claims that regardless the type of the cancer, Candida fungus causes it. Several studies confirm this and the result of the defensive measures fighting the invasion result in its histological structure. Tissues become tired and weakened over the time, and then unidentified cells start to be produced. Dr. Simonchini says that the cancer is “ulcer” and that the deformed cells of the ulcer accumulate and form colonies.

Baking soda

Antifungal drugs do not provide results and are ineffective in the cancer treatment because they attack only the cells’ surface. Fungal infections last longer because a single bacterium is less powerful that the main infection. “I have identified the things that can attack these colonies of fungi – for cancer, it is baking soda, and iodine tincture is the best substance for skin cancer,” states Dr. Simonchini. The intracellular action of the baking soda against the cancer is confirmed y many studies and researches.

The treatment

“For more than 20 years I have used the treatment on my patients. Even when doctors gave them no chances, many of these patients have completely recovered from the disease. The best way to eliminate a tumor is for it to come in contact with baking soda, which can be applied intravenous injection for brain and lung tumors, as an enema for digestive cancers, and inhalation for tumors in the upper respiratory system. Subcutaneous tumors, breast, and lymph system can be treated with a local perfusion. Internal organ tumors should be treated with baking soda by applying it directly into the arteries. It is also important the proper dose to be used for the treatment of every type of cancer,” Dr. Simonchini explains. Further he says: “You’ll need about 500 cm. of 5% or 8.4% solution for phleboclisis; in some cases, the mixture only needs to be salty enough. During every treatment, it is important to know that a minimum of 6 days of treatment is required because tumor colonies come back between the 3rd and 4th day, and suffer a collapse between the 4th and 5th day. The treatment has no other side-effects other than thirst and weakness and it should be repeated for 4 cycles.”

“Rub a 0.7% iodine tincture on the affected areas 20-30 times a day for skin cancer. The tumor will not return,” the Italian doctor says.

Read below the main symptoms of Candida infection:

  • Mood changes;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • Starch and sugar cravings;
  • Chronic digestive disorders;
  • Anxiety and irritability;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Chronic skin disorders;
  • Brain fog and nausea.

You may have advanced stage of candida infections if you have noticed at least 2 of these symptoms. You should never ignore it because they can result in cancer.

Treatment and prevention of candida infections

The development of the fungi must be kept and controlled. Candida can lead to candidiasis if it is left untreated. Candidiasis can further cause symptoms that mimic other diseases and this can further result in intestines perforation and leaky gut syndrome. Proteins can then attack your body cells. To prevent further health issues, what you should do first is to eliminate starch and sugar, that is, to eliminate foods that feed candida. So, no candies, no bread, pasta, rice, dry fruit… try to focus on eating raw fruit and steamed vegetables, and also consume grapefruit seeds.

Aluminum-free baking soda is recommended to be used for the treatment of the cancer. Almost every health-food stores and pharmacies sell this type of baking soda.

How the therapy works

The fungi are destroyed by the increased alkalinity, which is caused by the baking soda, of your blood. Because of this ability, baking soda destroys the tumor.

Every morning and evening, for 1 month period, you need to take 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water to treat colon, rectal, oral or stomach cancer. Mainly, this period is sufficient to eliminate tumor. The optimum period for the therapy is 3-4 weeks and not a day more. Intravenous injections are sometimes required for the Dr. Simonchini’s therapy. The best outcome to be achieved, 500 ml of 5% soda solution should be applied directly in the vein every day. After 24 days of intravenous injections, go for a scan.

The main culprit, according to Dr. Simonchini, for v-agina-l tumors and cervical cancer are the v*agina*l fungal infections, which nowadays have become pretty common. To treat these health issues, wash your v*agin*a with mixture prepared of 2 liters of filtered water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. This treatment will defeat the fungi causing these health issue and will prevent it from reoccurrence in future.

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