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How To Make Ginger Compress That Will Reduce Your Waist Immediately

Although we know that eating a healthy and well-balanced diet as well as exercising on a regular basis are key to being healthy and fit, it seems that few people stick to these ‘rules’.

Rapid weight loss is unhealthy and could lead to many health issues. Therefore, it is important to look for more natural and safer options, which have nothing to do with fasting or over- exercising.

This is how we come to the ginger compress, a method which provides almost instant results. It is quite convenient, especially when you have a big event coming up and want to “sweat out” a few inches of belly fat fast.

The Ginger Compress:

Besides having a robust mineral profile, ginger contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying properties, all of which work in synergy to help flush out toxic matter from the system. Body wrap is a good way to get firmer skin and slimmer body, and the ginger wrap below is one of the best, using slimming power of an amazing ingredient.

Ginger is already known to accelerate the metabolism and promote faster weight loss, so using it topically for this purpose does not come as surprise. It delivers the same effects like enjoying ginger tea, for instance. To prepare a ginger compress, you should follow a few simple and easy steps. All you need is fresh ginger root or powdered / dried ginger in case you cannot find a fresh one.

The heating properties of ginger stimulate circulation and thus help melt fat.


  • Fill a large pot with water and bring it to boil
  • Grate half a cup of fresh ginger
  • Reduce the heat once the water reaches a boiling point
  • Place the ginger into a piece of cotton cloth and tie to form a tea bag
  • Soak the ginger in a hot water for about 5 minutes


  • Soak a washcloth into the ginger water and apply onto the body
  • Allow it to cool a bit prior to applying it onto the skin
  • Put a towel over the compress in order to keep the heat in
  • Replace the cloth every five minutes
  • Use two towels and alternate soaking one cloth while the other is placed on the body
  • Repeat the process a few times

Ginger water should be used within two or three hours of preparation. For optimal results, prepare fresh ginger water for each treatment. Repeat the procedure two or three times a week until you get the wanted results.

This method shouldn’t be applied on a person with higher fever, on a baby or elderly person, and on the lower abdomen of a pregnant woman.

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