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Meaning Behind 10 Types of Hugs That You Need To Know About!…No 9 Is Not What You Expect!

Among the many good little things life has to offer, hugs may be among the sweetest and most special. Best of all, they’re free!

Being hugged typically reminds us that we are not alone and that we will always have a shoulder to cry on. Hugs have a way of alleviating pain, making us feel warm and giddy all over.

However did you know that according to some, the way a person hugs says a lot about what they feel and what message they are trying to relay?

Check out the ten types of hugs and what each one means!

1. HOLDING EACH OTHER’S BODY WITH THE LEGS WRAPPED AROUND – This type of hug portrays lust and passion. It is believed to be the intense due to the extreme emotions it entails.

2. WRAPPING OF ARMS AROUND WAIST – This hug conveys protection. Know that when someone hugs you like this, they are trying to make you feel safe.

3. INSERTING OF HANDS INSIDE POCKETS – Although unconventional, it carries a message of comfort. This is a sign of how comfortable someone is when they are with you.

4. EYE-TO-EYE- CONTACT WHILE EMBRACING – This type of hug carries deep meaning. It symbolizes a deep and strong connection that supposedly shows the love you and your partner have for one another.

5. RUBBING OF BACK WHILE HUGGING – This type of hug is typically shared by parents and their children. It shows reassurance, as if telling someone that things will get better and you are not alone.

6. PATTING OF BACK WHILE HUGGING – Patting, unlike rubbing, is a different type of hug. It usually says something like “Congratulations” or “Great Work.”

7. SHOULDER TO SHOULDER HUGGING – This hug is typically friendly and does not carry the implication of romance. It usually portrays a bond between friends.

8. NOT-SO-CLOSE HUG – Hugging someone while putting distance between you and that person means you are thankful but not enough to be comfortable. It is not intimate. It conveys a message close to “Thank you but this is pretty awkward.”

9. TIGHT HUG – A tight hug that makes people not want to leave conveys a message of genuine love.

10. SLOW HUG – A slow hug is usually done during parties while dancing or sometimes even when alone with someone. It conveys a message of a close connection between the two of you.


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