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Million Women Suffer From This Condition Without Knowing It! See the early signs and treatment!

Estrogen is the main female sex hormone, which regulates the menstrual cycle, breast development, hair growth and pubic hair. In addition, regulates the level of cholesterol, which is also reflected in the brain and protects bones.

As more and more people began reporting similar incidents, researchers began conducting a variety of tests including MRIs, heart scans and other types of evaluations that didn’t reveal the cause.

When they began questioning lifestyle choices, they were amazed at what seemed to be a common behavior, amongst those who experienced this temporary blindness.

This hormone plays a major role in a healthy body.

However, very few women do not know that excessive amounts of estrogen in the body are harmful to health.

In fact, an excess of estrogen may increase the risk of developing several kinds of cancer, such as breast cancer.

Also, if not treated in time, can lead to certain cancers, as already mentioned and uterine fibroids, recurrent miscarriage and infertility.

Early warning signs that need to be addressed are:

1.Irregular menstrual cycle

2.Reduced libido


4.Hair Loss

5.Cold hands and feet

6.Slow metabolism

7.Thyroid disfunction

8.Premenstrual syndrome


10.Sleep problems

If you have more than half of the above symptoms it is recommended to start a diet to detoxify and reduce the hormone estrogen

And what is most important with this detoxification you will achieve a healthy level of estrogen, losing excess weight and have a glowing skin. Therefore, start taking following ingredients:

Rosemary – used as an essential oil, and it is an outstanding tool for managing estrogen levels. Also known as oil of fertility. In addition, it has the power to stimulate blood flow in the brain, enhance the immune system and promote thyroid function.

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