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All You Need is 12 Minutes a Day For Irresistible Legs

1.Static squat torso twists

  • 60 sec
  • Do a quarter squat
  • Rotate your shoulders, while keeping your hips and legs still
  • Engage the obliques
  • Add speed

2.Jumping oblique twists

  • 60 sec
  • Jump
  • Twist – move your hips and shoulders in the opposite directions while jumping
  • Stick your hands together, and elevate your arms

3.Side hip raises

  • 30 sec per side
  • Start off with your elbow and knee
  • Bounce your hip up and down

4.Jumping oblique twists

  • 60 sec
  • Repeat

5.Russian twist

  • 60 sec
  • Bring your body in a sit-up position
  • Rotate your shoulders
  • Set your arms in the front, and don’t rely on them
  • Bring your chest towards the ceiling

6.Jumping oblique twists

  • 60 sec
  • Repeat

7.Reclined oblique twists

  • 30 sec per side
  • Sit, and keep your back about 6 inches off the ground
  • Elevate your leg, and bring your opposite arm to the outer part of your foot
  • Stabilize your body with your other arm

8.Jumping oblique twists

  • 60 sec
  • Repeat

The best leg workout for toned and strong calves/thighs

1.Wide squat with feet turned out

  • 30 sec
  • Keep your feet wider
  • Do regular squat
  • Squeeze your glutes as you stand up

2.Tip-toe squat

  • 30 sec
  • Do regular squats
  • Elevate your body on your tip-toes and squeeze the glutes

3.Alternating side lunges

  • 30 sec
  • Lunge on one side
  • Bring your body as low as possible

4.Lateral leg lifts

  • 30 sec per leg
  • Stand on one leg, and keep your other off the ground
  • Keep your hands on the hips
  • Elevate and lower your body

5.Bridge pulses

  • 30 sec
  • Keep your back flat on the ground, do a triangle with your legs, and engage your abs
  • Elevate the pelvis, keep it high, then bring it down

6.Bridge static hold

  • 30 sec
  • Support your body on your shoulders and tip-toes
  • Keep the pelvis up, and hold it in this position
  • Hold your body in a straight line

7.Modified bridge

  • 30 sec
  • Set your body in the previous position
  • Move your knees from side to side

8.Two foot calf raises

  • 20 sec
  • Stand straight
  • Roll on the “balls” of your both feet

9.Single leg squat

  • 30 sec per leg
  • Stand on one leg, and bring your other leg forward
  • Keep your chest straight, and keep your hands in front of you
  • Lower your body on the legs, as if you are doing a squat

10.Wide squat with feet raises

  • 30 sec
  • Keep your legs wide as if you do a squat
  • Bring your body as low as possible
  • Elevate your body, and support the weight on the “balls” of your feet

11.Modified wide squat with holds and pulse

  • 15 sec
  • Do a wide squat on your tip-toes
  • Hold for 15 seconds
  • Pulse on your tip-toes
  • Hold your body in this position for 5 seconds
  • Pulse for 15 sec

Try these exercises, and you will soon have the body of our dreams. Enjoy your hot summer days, and show off that body.

Thanks for reading!

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