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If You Have One Of the Phones From This List, Replace It Right Away! These Phones Can Seriously Endanger Your Health!

Mobile phones have really harmful impact on your health, and these models of mobile phones are considered to be the most dangerous. Take a look at those models.

It is a known fact that mobile phones emit negative radiation, which can affect our health in a negative way. However, you might not know that some phones emit more radiation than others. This is why it is very important that you know what kind of influence mobile phones have on you and how can you protect yourselves.

Let’s be honest, mobile phones are necessary in the modern society. However, despite this fact, we need to find a way to prevent the possible health issues and to reduce the bad influence. It is especially important that the parents are aware of the seriousness and the extent of the negative influence mobile phones have on young kids and how to break this habit of theirs.

The radiation cells are being measured in units called “specific speed of absorption (SSA)”. This is the amount of energy of radio-frequency that the body absorbs during the use of mobile phones. So, the bigger the SSA, the more dangerous the phone is to the health.

The Federal Communication Commission has issued a demand according to which all producers need to stick to the limits of their determined levels of SSA. According to this commission, the SSA needs to be limited to 1.6 vats per one kilogram. However, some mobile phones emit more than others and need to be avoided.

Let us take a look at these models. The five models of mobile phones with the highest level of radiation are: Motorola Droid Maxx (1.54 SBA), Motorola Droid Ultra (1.54 SBA), Motorola Moto E (1.49 SBA), Alcatel One Touch Evolve (1.49 SBA) and Huawei Vitria (1.49 SBA). Unfortunately, this does not mean that the rest of mobile phone models are completely safe to use and this is why you also need to know the following:

The electro-magnetic radiation that mobile phones emit is linked to numerous harmful biological effects and diseases. These include cancer, brain tumor, heart attacks, damage of the immune system, humming in the ears, etc. not only this, it also leads to developing conditions like depression, abortion, infertility, arthritis, rheumatism, and skin problems. This is why it is important that you know how to avoid the radiation of the mobile phones. For starters, stick to these advices:

Use the headphones or the speaker, as they radiate a lot less than the phone. Hold the phone as far from your body as possible, as well as from your ear. Make calls only when the signal is strong, because the weak signal means that the phone needs to use extra energy to emit signal to the tower.

Do not practice the ‘radiation shield’ if you ever intended to. This type of radiation protection like covering the antenna or the keyboard can only reduce the quality of the connection. This way, you will force your phone to use extra energy and produce even stronger radiation.

Children’s use of mobile phones has to be seriously limited. The brain of small kids can absorb double the radiation than the brain of adults, which means that small kids are at a higher risk. This is why you need to set your phone to ‘airplane mode’ when near small children, and this way your phone will lower the transfer of radiation. Make sure that you turn your phone off when you sleep.

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