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How Pregnancy Can Be Detected At The Earliest?

Although getting pregnant is an exciting process for any woman, but waiting for pregnancy to take place is not that easy. In fact, this intermittent waiting process can really try any person’s deep patience.

Women become pregnant when their female egg is released and then gets fertilized by a male sperm. Nonetheless, its nearly impossible to tell instantly, whether you’re pregnant the moment it happens. The reason behind this is, pregnancy can be only detected after you start secreting a particular hormone — “human chorionic gonadotropin” (HCG). And this only happens when the female egg which got fertilized by male sperm is attached on the uterus walls. So, the main question here isl, after how many days of intercourse, can pregnancy be detected?

Blood Test

The good thing about this test is that you can go under this test within 7 to 12 days of having unprotected intercourse. And it is more effective than the urine test. Generally, if you are successfully pregnant, your blood test results test positive just within 3-4 days after implantation, or around 9-10 days after fertilization and ovulation.

Urine Test

This is one of the oldest and easiest test also known as Home HPT test. In this test, the urine of women under test has to come into contact with a special stick. After a few minutes, an indicator on corresponding stick will tell whether you are pregnant or not. Luckily, this easy test can be done at home without any medical supervision and as soon as your periods are missed.

Their is also a downside of using this home test. It is that it’s not always positive. However, manufactures of this “stick” want you to believe that its results are always positive even before you miss period while in actual reality, only around 25% of women who undergo this test positive within their first 2 days before a missed period.

Are Pregnancy Tests Always Accurate?

Most of these home tests claim to be 99% accurate on day you miss your period, its better to consult a doctor, if you’re serious about knowing it. Because a doctor’s test will always be right. Research has also shown signs that pregnancy tests might not always spot pregnancy early. In fact, all those home tests are considered reliable only if used according to package instructions exactly single week after a missed period.

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