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Recover From The Flu Faster With This Awesome Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathy, not vaccines help you recover from flu.

It is flu season yet again, and everyone is out there trying to find a cure for their symptoms.

Many people still receive the flu vaccine in order to protect them from the virus, even though this year shocking statistics have shown that it is only effective as little as 10% of the time, perhaps next year will be the first year people stay away from Big Pharma’s flu ‘vaccine’ and turn to more natural medicines instead.

One proven successful way of treating symptoms of the flu is homeopathy, and more specifically, micro-doses of natural medicines such as Oscillococcinum.

Oscillococcinum is a treatment of the symptoms of flu, and this is what makes it different from the flu vaccine.

There is no one way to cure the flu, and as the medical headlines have shown this year, trying to completely protect against or stop it is a futile effort.

The best way we as humans can deal with the flu is to manage the symptoms, and to understand and trust that our bodies can naturally fight it.

Having a high temperature is one of the symptoms of the flu that people try to get rid of, usually by taking paracetamol or other temperature-lowering painkillers. But having a high temperature is one of the ways the body actually fights the flu infection, disrupting this process can make the virus stronger and the bout of illness more drawn-out.

Homeopathy, and micro-doses of medicines really focus on treating the various symptoms of the illness, rather than trying to force the body into curing it in one go.

Different people suffering from the same illness will often inhibit slightly different symptoms, no two people should be treated the same way.

It is for this reason that homeopathy and Oscillococcinum work so well at treating the flu, they deal with the symptoms while the body fights off the actual infection. Oscillococcinum is a little know homeopathic medicine in many parts of the world, although it is particularly popular in France.

And the best part about Oscillococcinum, it works much better than the flu vaccine! One study of 487 patients found that twice as many who were given Oscillococcinum recovered from their flu like symptoms within 48 hours than those who were given a placebo.

Another study on the effects of Oscillococcinum found that of 372 patients, the 188 who were given the homeopathic drug noted considerable recovery times compared to the 187 who were given the placebo.

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