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Here Is How To Reduce Hypertension or High Blood Pressure At Home!

The hypertension or high blood pressure can be caused by genetics, thyroid disorders, toxic body burden, smoking, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, chronic stress, weight and age. People usually have combination of these factors. It is important to remember that it is one of the ‘silent killers’.

That is why it is important to do the periodic blood pressure tests. A healthy blood pressure is 120 over 80. The 1st number measures the heart beating pressure and the 2nd measures the pressure of the resting heart.

As there are numerous factors that can cause hypertension, there are many problems that can happen if it is left untreated. Hypertension increases the blood flow resistance in the vessels and forces the heart to work harder. High blood pressure contributes to hardening of the arteries. It is also associated with sexual dysfunction, blindness, aneurysms, dementia, kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

To control it, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle, diet and other contributing factors. If the blood pressure is reduces by 5-6 pints, the risk of stroke is cut by 40% and heart disease by 15%.
There are numerous effective medications like ACE inhibitors, diuretics and beta blockers, but they can produce some side effects like rapid heartbeat, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, respiratory problems, depression, leg cramps and insomnia.

The high blood pressure is profitable market for the drug companies as it is a common and chronic disease. Once a person starts on these drugs, they take them often for the long term. Drugs aren’t the only choice. There are numerous ways that it can be controlled naturally. If you have hypertension and you’re on medication, you shouldn’t stop taking them without medical advice from the health care provider.

-For those who try to control the blood pressure, it is recommended to address potential weight issues. It is important to increase the physical activity and consume anti-inflammatory foods like lean proteins, healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables.
You need to lower the intake of sodium as the salt retains body fluids and increases the blood volume. Reduce the salty snack like salted nuts, crackers and chips and choose mineral-rich and natural salt like Himalayan and Celtic. Smoking and consuming alcohol also affects the cardiovascular health. They can put a lot of stress on the heart and lead to hypertension and arterial hardening.

The body evolved many mechanisms to respond to dangers. One of them is a rapid heartbeat to increase the blood flow and it is accompanied by increased blood pressure. But the real problem is the chronic stress and the background anxiety has huge physiological impact. The cortisol and the other stress hormones stay elevated wearing down the defenses and fueling chronic inflammation. The results are increased risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension and many degenerative diseases. Meditation is a proven way to reduce the chronic stress. Another way to relieve stress is long walks.

-The diet is one of the most critical approaches to high blood pressure controlling. The DASH diet is a specific diet that can lower the blood pressure. It means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It recommends whole grains, veggies and fruits. Also, part of this diet is the potassium-rich foods like bananas and green leafy veggies like kale and spinach.
Reduce the trans fats and sugar because these foods fuel inflammation which can increase the risk of hypertension, damage heart health and harden the arteries.

Key supplements for hypertension

There are supplements that can reduce the hypertension and improve the cardiovascular health. Most of the following supplements work on lowering the blood pressure by small amounts.

Garlic is able to improve the health of the heart and lower the blood pressure. Its extract may work the best.
Magnesium can help manage an irregular heartbeat and lower the blood pressure.
The hibiscus is used for many ailments and a research showed that it has great impact on blood pressure.
The omega3 fatty acids can lower the triglyceride and blood pressure levels. They are found in walnuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, sardines and salmon.
The COQ 10 is effective in reducing the hypertension and its deficiency many cause high blood pressure.

Another supplement that helps reduce the hypertension is MCP or modified citrus pectin. It binds to the galectin-3, which is an inflammatory protein linked to heart disease and other conditions. Excess of this protein contributes to vascular fibrosis or vascular hardening. It was showed in a study that MCP controls this protein and decreases the vascular hardening. The galectin-3 levels are linked to heart disease and other inflammatory condition.

The hypertension is serious condition as there are many factors that need to be controlled. It may seem discouraging but changing the lifestyle and the diet may help in it and also in other conditions.

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