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Say Goodbye To Cellulite Anti-cellulite Honey Massage For Perfectly Smooth Skin

Every woman starts to hate specific parts of her body if she notice on tem cellulite.This word is ‘awful’ for women because they are dealing with that unpleasant problem.

No matter how some woman is fat or thin,she is in risk of having a cellulite on her body if she does not take good care of herself. Obviously you have already heard many things which are responsible for the appearance of cellulite like,lifestyle,hormones,genetics and diet. Even though the overweight are at higher risk of cellulite, many thin women got it as well.

Anti-cellulite massages are the best weapon against cellulite and in this article we’ll show you how to do it at home and get results fast. The honey massage is one of the best anti-cellulite massages which was used in ancient Tibet and is now practiced around the globe. This honey massage will make your skin smoother and firmer because honey will absorb the toxins and help flush them out of your system. It also improves the blood and lymph circulation, which is very important when it comes to eliminating cellulite.

How to have an effective anti-cellulite massage at home

In order to have successful results you need some organic honey and massage oil, which can be lavender, mint, lemon, orange or eucalyptus, whichever is readily available. Here is how you can perform this amazing cellulite-erasing massage at home step by step:

Massage your butt and thighs every day with this mixture(in every teaspoon of honey add 5 drops of oil).If you want to use different oils for this massage,first mix the oils and then add them to the honey.

  • Gently apply on the affected area of the mixture.You can also let one part of the mixture to stay on your hands.
  • Put your hands on the area you want and lift them slowly.
  • When you get the hang of it,start to massage more faster and harder because on that way you will have better results.
  • You should massage for about 10-15 minutes.
  • When you finish,remove the places which you have massaged with warm water.If you want to have any results practice this massage for 15 days. Note: As a result you can start noticing bruises which will quickly disappear. During the first couple of days the massage could be painful but your body will get used to it and it won’t be as painful as before.



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