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The Scientist That’s Convinced That Cancer Can Be Cured With the Right Diet

The cure for cancer is one of the most elusive medical problems of our time, we have treatments, but no effective cure.

Several medical professionals disagree on what is the best strategy for taking care of cancer cells.

While treatments such as chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy are still the go-to treatment for cancer people, many physicians argue that avoidance, as opposed to treatment ought to be the emphasis.

Cancer cells is on the surge, there is no rejecting it. But as the globe appears to obtain sicker and sicker, some physicians are disregarding to exactly what appears to be triggering the problem– our diet plans.

The modern diet plan of quickly, processed food and highly processed foods has brought with it its very own variety of health problems. In the years we have actually seen a big rise in the amount of processed foods, we have likewise see a massive boost in illness like diabetic issues, heart problems, strokes and cancer cells. Is this a coincidence? No, it isn’t really.

One doctor believes that cancer could be eradicated with a change of diet, away from the modern model of processed foods, and to a more natural way of eating, with the focus on plant based foods, eliminating processed foods, meat, fish, dairy and added oils.

T. Colin Campbell, a professor in nutritional biochemistry at Cornel University is a believer that a plant based diet could actually be the key to beating cancer.

He says that even other medical professionals are still poorly educated on the web link in between cancer and diet plan, and also a lot more needs to be done to teach people about the risks of a processed diet regimen in regards to cancer cells.

Dr. Campbell’s theory is based around the idea that a carcinogen when in the body can either thrive, or be suppressed, all by the foods you eat. A diet rich in whole foods means that carcinogens are unable to survive in the body, and would then never develop into cancer.

Unfortunately, the power that Big Pharma, who produce the bulk of the cancer treatments, and the fast food industry have still controls the way food is marketed and sold to us.

Campbell suggests eating a diet made purely from fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and legumes, with no flour, added oils or anything that is not produced by nature.

The science all adds up, and there are many studies which back up the idea that a plant based diet is the best for protecting the body against many illnesses, not just cancer.

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