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Shannen Doherty Has Some Heartbreaking News About Her Cancer

The actress known best for her role as Brenda Walsh in the breakthrough serious Beverly Hills, 90210 was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple years ago and was in remission. Recently she just found out the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes.

This is a sad day indeed.

She has been humbled by the fact that the path of recovery can be arduous and isn’t as simple as being cancer-free.

Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2015 and opted to have a single mastectomy and chemo as her regimen of treatment. Oncologists recently discovered they didn’t get all of the cancer (as they hoped) and it has been spreading.

The unfortunate part of her story is that there was a period where she didn’t have health insurance and unable to visit a doctor. Shannen wonders if she could have seen a doctor earlier that chances of discovering the cancer at the early stages would have increased her chances of overcoming the disease.

The Decline and Scariest Part

She is rapidly deteriorating and losing a lot of weight, so weak she can’t get out of bed and is relying on her husband to help move around.

“Everything else is manageable. Pain is manageable, you know living without a breast is manageable, it’s the worry of your future and how your future is going to affect the people that you love.” She told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview.

Shannen told ET Online that it is the unknown that scares her the most. She doesn’t know what’s next and this literally makes her afraid to fall asleep.

Making Light of a Dark Situation

Because she doesn’t know if she will wake up tomorrow, Shannen is making a courageous effort to help others who going through hell this as well.

One thing I personally admire about Shannen is how open she has been with us publicly. She has gone as far as posting surreal video clips of chemo treatments so fans see what the battle is really like.

“Cancer has in a strange way done some amazing things for me. It’s allowed me to be more me, like much more in touch with who I am, and much more vulnerable and the person that I always was, but I think it got hidden behind a lot of other stuff.”
It’s vulnerability that gives those struggling with cancer strength to continuing fighting.

Please pray for Shannen and her loved ones and pass this along to anyone who may benefit from her strength.

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