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Top 5 Herbs To Treat Anal Fistula Naturally

Anal fistula is an abnormal opening with one or both ends opening in the anal canal. Many a times, one of the openings of the fistula may occur in the area around the genitals, also known as the perineum. It starts off with a small abscess that rapidly progresses to a full blown canal lined by connective tissues that may or may not get infected.

It is of several types depending upon the shape of the fistula. According to the place of origin, anal fistula may be high or low. High anal fistulas occur closer to the pectinate line that separates rectum from the anal canal, whereas, low anal fistula occur somewhere near the external anal orifice.

A fistula may occur as a single tract commonly, whereas, in complicated cases, there may be an interconnecting network of channels. Irregular bowel movement, improper diet and formation of abscess in the area in and around the perineum are the constituting factors for the development of this disease.

Common symptoms of anal fistula include pain, swelling, discharge (which may be bloody) and itching around the anus. The common methods of treatment of anal fistula includes surgeries with Ksharasutra and local ointments to control the inflammation and pain.

While surgical treatments are invasive and do not offer complete cure from the condition, there are many herbs which can provide great relief in such patients when consumed along with a normal diet.

Here, we discuss the top 5 most popular herbs that help in the treatment of anal fistulas.


Curcumin is a pigment extracted from the purified extracts of Curcuma longa which is commonly known as Turmeric. It is the active principle of the plant which is obtained from its roots. Curcumin is responsible for the yellow color imparted by Turmeric to all things that come in contact with it.

Curcumin is the best anti – inflammatory agent available naturally. Widespread studies have been conducted across many countries to know the efficacy of curcumin in the medicinal effects shown by turmeric. All studies have given positive results stating that Curcumin can prove to be effective in even the gravest of diseases known to mankind i.e. cancer.

For anal fistula patients, Curcumin is used as an oral supplement for controlling the extreme inflammation and pain at the site of the fisula.

It can be used regularly to prevent the progression of the disease and frequent relapse.


Triphala is a combination of three herbs namely Amla (Emblica officianalis), Harara (Terminalia chebula), Bahera (Terminalia bellarica). The dried powder of these three herbs can be consumed in powder form once to two times per day in case of anal fistula.

Triphala is a traditional ayurvedic medicine which is available in capsules as well as in powder form. It cleanses the wound and balances the vitiated doshas that cause anal fistula.

Sometimes, triphala is combined with another herb Commiphora mukul, commonly known as Guggul which is very helpful in case of ano –rectal disorders.

It is a rejuvenating herbal combination that keeps intestinal problems at bay while assisting in rapid recovery from anal fistula.

Guggul is a very important plant gum resin extracted from Commiphora mukul, a tree that produces this extract.

Guggul is a very versatile herbal extract that finds use in many kinds of diseases. It is unable to act alone as it is very strong and is therefore, combined with many other herbs as per its utility for different kinds of ailments.

In case of anal fistulas and other types of disorders involving the ano –rectal region, Triphala guggul is a preferred combination of herbs. It is available in tablet form and can be consumed as per the prescription of the ayurvedic physician.


Neem tree is also known as Azadirachta indica. It has great anti – microbial properties. The leaves are used for their immense medicinal benefits in fighting inflammatory conditions and different kinds of infections affecting the human body.

In case of anal fistula, Neem leaves can be used for oral consumption as well as for local application as a paste on the open wound for rapid relief.

Sitz bath can be taken by boiling few Neem leaves in water and then bathing the hip portion up to the navel in this water for 15 – 20 minutes every day.


Nirgundi is an herbal plant of great medicinal value. It is known by the name of Vitex negundo.

In the Ayurvedic treatment processes, Nirgundi is very commonly used in different kinds of formulations for the treatment of painful conditions like wounds, cuts, blisters, inflammation of the skin, skin allergies etc.

It can be very helpful for patients suffering from anal fistula for relieving the extreme pain that the patient experiences in this disorder.

It is a natural analgesic that has immense value as an anti –inflammatory agent. It provides rapid relief and is a choicest medicine for relieving pain in inflammatory conditions.

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