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Watch How A Girl’s Leukemia Went into Remission After Only Six Days Of Using Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil cures leukemia in just SIX days.

The benefits of medicinal marijuana are only just being realized, and purporters claim that it cures a range of diseases from anxiety to cancer.

Because of its highly controversial past, some people are wary of accepting marijuana as a medicine, rather than a recreational drug, but the proof really is out there.

One girl from Oregon knows all too well how cannabis oil can cure diseases, it cured her of leukemia in just 6 days.

Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with cancer when she was just age seven after suffering with symptoms of hacking cough, body aches, fever, night sweats, and a rash across her legs.

The Free Thought Project have reported that after being prescribed only antibiotics from her doctor, and her condition deteriorating, Mykayla was eventually diagnosed with aggressive T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia after proper tests had been conducted.

After reading about cannabis oil being used to treat the symptoms of her chemotherapy, Mykayla’s mother Erin Purchase decided to try out the treatment on her daughter.

Thankfully for the family, in the state of Oregon cannabis oil is legal to use for patients undergoing chemotherapy due to the positive benefits other patients have had with it, the laws however are different in every state and in some states, it would have been illegal for Mykayla’s mother to do this.

After just 6 days of using the oil, Mykayla’s symptoms drastically improved. Mykayla’s mother says the mental and physical help her daughter gained from taking the cannabis oil was a catalyst to her recovering and is what saved her life.

Despite stories like this one, the FDA are still reluctant to add cannabis oil to their universal list of cancer treatments, denying many other people across the country the same treatment and a chance of life that Mykayla was allowed.

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