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Whiten Your Extremely Yellow-Teeth and Get Rid Of That Nasty Tartar Buildup and Plaque With THIS!

Tartar is the name of the mineral deposit on teeth and as the time passes its amount increases, and if you do not take care of it, it may cause periodontitis.

The best way to remove it is to visit a dentist but you can also do it at your home.

This is what you need:

  • Baking soda, toothbrush, hydrogen peroxide, salt, water, cup, dental pick and antiseptic mouth wash.

The most popular and effective tool to remove the plaque is the baking soda.

1st step: Mix 1 tbs. of baking soda and half tsp. of salt in a cup and then wet your toothbrush with warm water and dip it into the mixture. Scrub your teeth and spit. Do the process for 5 minutes.

2nd step: Mix half a cup of warm water and full cup of hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the mouth with the mixture fir 1 minute, spit and then rinse with half cup of cool water.

3rd step: Take a dental pick and rub the yellow tartar but make sure not to scrape your gums because it may damage and irritate them.

4th step: Rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouth wash. Repeat the process every second day.

We offer you other advices in order to help you to keep your smile.

Tomatoes and strawberries

These ingredients are rich in vitamin C and that makes them great for the oral health. Rub the fruits onto your teeth and leave it for five minutes. The buildup tartar will soften.

After that, rinse your mouth with warm water and baking soda. You can also use some other foods that are rich in vitamin C like papaya, oranges, lime, lemons, berries and bell peppers.


Cheddar and Swiss cheese can help neutralize the acids that create plaque if you eat it before your meals. The ingredient that is contained in aged cheese is working as barrier agent.

Here are some more advises for you:

  • You should brush your teeth with soft brush making vertical movement but you need to be careful with the space between teeth and gums.
  • Floss your teeth regularly.
  • Salivary glands are stimulated by the intake of spicy foods. That is how saliva cleans your mouth in a natural way.
  • Rub orange peel on your teeth before you go to bed and do not rinse it as it can fight bacteria.

Thanks for reading!

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