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All Women’s Breasts Are Beautiful! But Here’s What Your Breasts’ Shape Says About Your Personality!

Each girl has something specific, whether that is her intellect, education or her character traits.

Take a look at the photo, choose which shape your breasts have and read what does that shape says about your personality.

Here’s What Your Breasts’ Shape Says About Your Personality!


1.You are refined intellectual
Ladies with this shape have a brilliant and refined personality. They are kind of reserved for other people. They also are quick thinking person and have a highly developed intellect – probably you can solve any puzzle. Those women are annoying people around them with discussions that they start, and usually have completely different views of the most people. Keep in mind that tranquility and comfort are very important to you. Those individuals also have a tendency to be alone and not paying too much attention to feelings. They strive to remain strong and stable, and even when they have emotions, they actually try to hide them.

2.You are very independent and born to lead
These women almost never ask for help from others. They are highly placed in the society and those women are very successful. Logic is very important to them and they explain that life is game strategy. They are born leaders! Women with this shape of breasts have a lot of self – control and prefer to hold all the strings in their hands. Although they are cold, they are also calm and stable.

3.You are a charmer and adventurer
Women with this shape are very modern and free spirit persons. They are very innovative and often the ordinary things make unusual. Moreover, they are impulsive and every day is a new adventure for them. Still, most of their actions have a hidden purpose, and their behavior shocks people around you.

4.You are an optimist and a dreamer
These ladies have “female” soul, they are quiet and dreamy. They always see the positive things in life, and even when they are worried, they have smile on their face. These ladies are intelligent and diligent. Often are shy, but that shyness cannot be immediately guessed, as hey are too funny.

5.You are unforgettable and passionate
Women with this breast shape are courageous; their personality is impressive and really attractive. They resolve the difficult tasks in life with great fervor. Their great passion in life has its dark side – sometimes they are unscrupulous. They always leave very strong impact on the environment, and attract the attention of all. They make decisions quickly and very easily lose their temper.

6.Reliable and kind
They are kind, they have grateful nature and love to nurture others. Those women help everyone who needs help. Also, they can keep a secret and people usually have confidence in them. It is interesting that these women are very mysterious. They try to balance between the two “warring” sides, and they always carry harmony. They are kind persons and people enjoy their company as they feel as at home.

7.You are wise and dignified
Those women represent wisdom and spirituality. They are dignified individuals. They always strive to improve themselves. They want to read good book, and whenever they can, they learn something new. Those women are pacifist and good friends, but primarily in their own interests.

8.Unusual you and Creative
Those ladies are good at evaluating persons and things. They also have a lot of thoughts, but often tend to be melancholic. Usually they are creative and expressive. They also do the things in their own, special way. They always show people how different they are. Those women are very charming, and people simply adore them.

9.Clean and you are virtuous
This breast shape represents women who are customizable, unspoiled and full of virtue. They very easy fit and agree with other people. Although at first they seem like they are shy persons. It is amazing that they know very well who they are and what they are. They always believe in themselves and they are great judges. Very often people ask them for advice or opinion.

10.Charisma and smile
These women love to daydream and fantasize about other worlds and realities. They are very charismatic and have beautiful smile. They are sociable and other people see them as a fun person who amuses others.

11.You are full of energy
When these ladies enter the room, the energy is suddenly changed. They always are at the center of attention, and know how to use that. These ladies enjoy to seduce, but also others seduce them and giving them attention. They do not submit templates and routine. They also do not like practical people who do not use their heart.

12.The mystery wrapped in an enigma
They are very responsible and reliable persons. People usually have great confidence in them. It is interesting that they often entrust serious tasks as they are sure that they will fulfill them exactly as they imagined. These ladies are very mysterious.



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